Waning Gibbous

Date: 1/30/21 Weather: Clear skies, Waning Gibbous moon looming large over Shelter Cove, mid 30 temps PAX: Ambien(R- Welcome back!), Big Al, Chumbucket, Spaulding(R), Gekko(RR), Nae Nae, Eli(R), Earhart, Chardonnay (RNG "Returning New Guy") MiniVan(R-Q) Disclaimer: Yep Warmup: TTTx10IC, TTTx5IC(At a slow pace) Burpees X10 for Eli late arrival, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC, SSHx10ICThe ThangSquats, … Continue reading Waning Gibbous

One Way Out

QIC:  Sawed Off PAX:  Peaches, Walk Off, Big Spur, Spaulding (Respect), Nae Nae, Chum Bucket, JV, Adidas, Buckeye, Squid (Respect), McFlurry, Dabo (Cotter), Sawed Off At 6:30am, an announcement was made informing PAX that Saturday's workout would travel to Dabo's front yard. An enthusiastic collective response was offered. CONDITIONS:   43 degrees, still. DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, push … Continue reading One Way Out

See ya 2020

Date: 12/31/2020 @ The Yacht Club PAX: MiniVan(QR), Bartman(R), Schnitzel(R), Spaulding(R), Ambien(R), Gecko(2R), Eli(R), JV, Chumbucket, Radar, Adidas, Nae Nae, Sleeveless, Red Rider (Vistitor from upstate) Weather: Overcast high 50's Intro - Yep covered Warmup: TTTx10IC, RTRx10IC (count off 1-14) Mosey around Krogers stopping at truck for some tires The Thang: Split into 2 groups … Continue reading See ya 2020

Welcome Back OR not…

Posted on December 23, 2020 by MiniVan in The Brig DATE: 12/29/2020 PAX: Spicoli (QR), Schnitzel(R), Gecko(R), MiniVan(R), Bartman(R), Ambien(R), Tubbs, Singlet, FishStix, NaeNae, Spaghettio, Weather: lower 40’s brisk clear morning Intro: "Been a while since I've led... What do we do here?" This was the beginning of a downward slide in Spicoli's "comeback" Q Warmup: TTTx10ic, SSHx20ic, ACFx10ic, ACBx10ic … Continue reading Welcome Back OR not…

Traffic Circles

Date:10/24/2020 PAX: Minivan (Q) JV, Spaghettio, Sushi, Earhardt, Neutron, Spaulding, Chumbucket, Brutus, Guac, Salsa, Ambien Weather: Perfect, mid 60’s no humidity Warmup:TTTx9or10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10ICMosey around Kroger to the field where we find 4 tiresSplit into 2 teamsTeam 1: Minivan, JV, Spaghettio, Neutron, Sushi, EarhardtTeam 2: Spaulding, Brutus, Chumbucket, Ambien, Guac, SalsaThe Thang:Team competition, total of … Continue reading Traffic Circles

Bakers dozen on a Saturday!

09.26.20 at the Yacht Club PAX:  Chumbucket, Hard Hat, Earhart, Minivan, Ambien, Brutus, Sleeveless, Gump, Singlet, Nae Nae, JV, Neutron, Spaulding-QIC Conditions:  73 degrees with humidity! Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger and faster today. Warmup:  SSHx25, IW'sx15, … Continue reading Bakers dozen on a Saturday!

a Dozen at the Brig!

09.14.20 at the Brig PAX:  Chumbucket, Hard Hat, Squid, Earhart, Minivan, Radar, Schnitzel,Ambien, Brutus, Bartman, Caballero, Spaulding-QIC Conditions:  77 degrees with humidity! Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger and faster today. Warmup:  SSHx20, TTTx10, Squatsx20, AC'sx10, Raise the … Continue reading a Dozen at the Brig!


Date: 9/10/2020 @ The Yacht Club Weather: high 70's with high humidity PAX: Goose, Bartman, Ambien, MiniVan, Spaulding, JV, Swanson Intro. disclaimer, blah blah blah The Thang: IPC Week 2 - The Biatch - AMRAP for 43minutes Place coupon at Shovel Flag.  Start timer.  Complete a 400m run that starts and ends at Shovel Flag … Continue reading 91020@TYC

Wake me up when 2020 ends…

Ten PAX gathered knowing what they were up against this morning.  It was humid and wet.  The Men were not deterred.  YHC packed his gear, "gadgets", and set up shop. DATE: 1SEP20 PAX: SPAGHETTI-O, GOOSE (3XRESPECT), SCHNITZEL (RESPECT), MINIVAN (RESPECT), BRUTUS, EARHARDT, MARIO, BARTMAN (RESPECT), AMBIEN (RESPECT) QIC: JUNIOR VARSITY IRON PAX Challenge Week 1 … Continue reading Wake me up when 2020 ends…