21 for a Great 2021

Weather: 40 and clear, lots of star gazing opportunites Pax: Snipe, Spagetti-O, JV, Spaulding , Clancy, Gekko, Musk, Chumbucket, Radar (Q) Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today, modify if your need to. Warmup: TTTx10, SSHx10, IWx10, … Continue reading 21 for a Great 2021

Schnitzel would have been mad!

1-6-2021 46 Degrees and perfect for a run. On Deck: Spaulding, Brutus, Mini Van, Eli, Nae Nae, Earhart, Hard Hat (Qic) Warm Up: 10 windmills, 10 TTT, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Arm Circles both directions. The Thang: A decision was made to introduce a modified run day at the Brig on Wednesdays to allow additional … Continue reading Schnitzel would have been mad!

Schnitzel’s 21 Pickle Wheels

Pax: Spaulding (Repect), Minivan (Respect), Tubbs, Bartman (Respect), Chum Bucket, Ambien (Respect) and YHC. Weather: 66 degrees, light rain and 8-10mph winds. Warm Up: 11 TTT, 21 Bartmans, 30 IW, 30 Hill Billy’s, 25 Merkins. The Thang: Pair Up for 21’s Merkins and Derkins with partner wheelbarrow between points. Pickle Pointers and Pickle Pounders. Announced: … Continue reading Schnitzel’s 21 Pickle Wheels

Most Talked About FNG Ever!

11-23-2020 On Deck: Hard Hat, One Star, Cousin Vinnie, Capri (FNG), Bartman, Snipe, Radar, Swanson, Schnitzel, Spaulding, Ambien, Chum Bucket, Minnie Van, Goose. Warm Up: TTT x10, Arm Circles x10, Air Presses x10, Imperial Walkers x10, Hillbillies x10, SSH x20, Merkins x10. The Thang: mosey to the elementary school front entrance and do 5 decline … Continue reading Most Talked About FNG Ever!


09.16.2020 PAX: Earhart, Radar, Ambien (respect), Brutus, Chumbucket, Squid (respect), Caballaro, Minivan (respect), Sticks, Schnitzel (respect), Snipe-QIC CONDITIONS: 73* and similar to AC with a light spritz of refreshing rain DISCLAIMER: Workout at your own risk, Push yourself push the men next to you, if injured modify if need to. WARMUP: TTTx10, AC’sx10 fwd, AC’sx10 … Continue reading SNIPE VQ

Hot Laps…you are welcome

PAX-Minivan(respect), Spaulding(respect), Hermanos, Nae-Nae, Jar-Jar(Visitor Johnson City, TN), Musk-QIC 76 degrees, overcast, drenched in sweat before your start humidity Warmup: TTT x10, imperial walkers x10, hillbillys x10, arm circles F/B x10, air pressure x10, Michael Phelps x10, SSH x25 Thang: Mosey w/ pace. 1st stop-1 merkin 1 squat, 2nd stop-2 merkins 2 squats........15th stop-15 merkins … Continue reading Hot Laps…you are welcome