H, S, K & T!

Head, shoulders, knees and toes; knees and toes. Head, shoulders, knees and toes; knees and toooooes!! Now that the song is in your head, good luck getting it out. 6 Pax did not fart sack, nor did they miss their Q. The Yacht Club Back Blast: Weather - 72 degrees, high humidity but the breeze … Continue reading H, S, K & T!

Coupon Runarounds

My theme this week was CSAUP, in keeping with Saturday's ridiculousness. 2 June 2021 Back Blast: The Brig - Temperature was only 73, but the humidity was +85%, making this morning's workout a bit of a sweatfest. 9 Pax chose to get right and stay right- Goose (r,r,r), Spaulding (r), Minivan (r), Nae Nae, Brutus, … Continue reading Coupon Runarounds

Slow Down Rabbit

Conditions: 72 clear and humid Pax: Bartman, Liz Claiborne, Goose, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher, Schnitzel, Meat Gazer, Spaulding, Hardhat, Chumbucket, Minivan, Radar QIC Stuff you say in the beginning.... Warmup: TTTx10, Michael Phelps x10, IWx10, calf stretches, mosey towards pull-up bars Thang: Found two 25lb barbells on our way to pull-up bars, start with max … Continue reading Slow Down Rabbit