Buck Block Ladder Party

When: 11/24/2020 QIC: Ball Cock The PAX (15): Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Cableguy (Respect!), Lombardi (Respect!), Sawed-off, Hostilo, Shocker!, Handy Manny, Pig Pen, Sucker, Elite, Jeter, BOGO (Visiting from Powdersville, SC), Flea, Swanson, Ball Cock (QIC). Conditions: 47 degrees, clear skies, perfection. Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk! Warm-up: … Continue reading Buck Block Ladder Party

Birthday Brick Bash

PAX: (10) Ambien (respect), Chumbucket, Cousin Vinny (Raleigh-Durham), Goose (triple respect), Minivan (respect), Nae Nae, One Star (Charlotte), Schnitzel (respect), Spaulding (respect), Bartman (QIC) Conditions: 65 and humid Disclaimer: Not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.  Modify as needed.  Push yourself and the guy next to you. Get the most of of the … Continue reading Birthday Brick Bash

Before you Gobble, you must Squat

13 PAX: Swanson, Peaches, Handy Manny, Big Spur, Buckeye, McFlurry, Lombardi(Respect), Peanut, Judge Judy, Gambit, Cable Guy(Respect), Kiffin, Adidas(QIC) Conditions: 58, clear, almost perfect.  Warm o rama: 20 SSH IC, 10 TTT IC Mosey to Pritchard & Bridge St, 10 Willy Walkers IC Bear crawl bridge, mosey to Bridge & Calhoun St. 10 HR Merkins … Continue reading Before you Gobble, you must Squat

Most Talked About FNG Ever!

11-23-2020 On Deck: Hard Hat, One Star, Cousin Vinnie, Capri (FNG), Bartman, Snipe, Radar, Swanson, Schnitzel, Spaulding, Ambien, Chum Bucket, Minnie Van, Goose. Warm Up: TTT x10, Arm Circles x10, Air Presses x10, Imperial Walkers x10, Hillbillies x10, SSH x20, Merkins x10. The Thang: mosey to the elementary school front entrance and do 5 decline … Continue reading Most Talked About FNG Ever!

21 Guns

Date: 11/11/2020 QIC:  Buckeye PAX:  Deuce Bigalow, McFlurry, Gambit, Big Spur, Ballcock, Peaches, Buckeye - QIC Conditions:  Summertime humidity in November Disclaimer: YHC is your Q, YHC is not paid, trained and lacks skill.  You at exercising are your own risk. Warm-up: -Seal Jack x 15 IC -Imperial Squat Walker x 10 IC -Smurf Jack … Continue reading 21 Guns

Hidden Foundation. Hackey Sack VQ

PAX: Hackey Sack VQIC, Adidas, Ball Cock, SMKG(respect), Cable Guy(respect), Swanson, Hopper(Cotter), Shocker, Jeter, Jack Sparrow, Wet Wipes Conditions: Chilly and breezy with shooting stars. Warm o Rama: Side straddle hops TTT Alt tor touchedlittle baby arm circles Fwd/back/bent Partner up 2pullups/Superman air pull-ups 4 setsMosey to wallElevated pickle pointers/balls to the wall4 setsIn honor … Continue reading Hidden Foundation. Hackey Sack VQ