TODAY IS DEDICATED TO CPL JOHN J. CALLAHAN. John J. Callahan Jr., 18, from Troy, New York died and was buried on the battlefield at Belleau Wood in WWI. He is a United States Marine and joined at 17. #neverforget AO: THE YACHT CLUB DATE: 13APR2021 WEATHER: WARM PAX: FISH STICKS, SINGLET, MINIVAN(R), SPAULDING(R), LAMONT(R), … Continue reading Callahan

Guest Q-Big Ern

4.10.21: 14 PAX on deck. PAX: Wild thing (lake wylie), Toucan, Dawsons Creek, Laettner, JV, Mini Van (R), Bartman (R), Spaghetti-O, Spaulding (R), Squid (R), Chumbucket, Hard Hat, Radar, Nae Nae (QIC) Conditions: 60ish, light humidity and a slight breeze. Good enough to work out. Disclaimer: Q is not a trained professional. Workout at your own risk, push … Continue reading Guest Q-Big Ern

Bricks til Six

PAX: (10) Ambien (respect), Chumbucket, Liz Claiborn (respect), Minivan (respect), Radar, Schnitzel (respect), Spaulding (respect), Swanson, Bartman (QIC) Conditions: 61 with clear skies Disclaimer: Not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk.  Modify as needed.  Push yourself and the guy next to you. Get the most of of the next 45 minutes.  Warm-up:  Tempo … Continue reading Bricks til Six

PAR 3 Challenge for Master’s Wednesday

4.7.2021 CONDITIONS: 54 degrees, still, clear...PERFECT! PAX: Bartman (R), Earhart, NaeNae, Hardhat, Spaulding (R), Scratch Off (DR), Radar, Schnitzel (R), Brutus, Ambien (R), Tubbs, Mini Van (R), Squid (R)-QIC NOTE: As the PAX assembled, NaeNae gave an account of the prior day's attempt to fish that was shut down by uncooperative weather. Earhart has declared … Continue reading PAR 3 Challenge for Master’s Wednesday

Amen Corner

04.06.21 at the Yacht Club PAX:  Minivan, Hardhat, Eli, Liz Claiborne, JV, Clancy, Earhart, Bartman, Spaghetti O, Dog Pound (DR), Powerball (DR), Screen time (DR), Mail-order (DR), Ball Boy (DR), Dutch Boy (DR) and one other visitor? Spaulding-QIC Conditions:  58 degrees…. perfect Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to … Continue reading Amen Corner