Fingers in the crack

11.29.21 @ The Bus Depot PAX:  Spaulding, MiniVan, Tubbs,  HardHat, Goose, Schnitzel, Surf-N-Turf, Big Al Conditions: 45, clear, crisp perfect morning for a workout Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.   Warmup:  TTTx10IC, IWx10IC,HBx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, Air … Continue reading Fingers in the crack

Stretchy pants Schnitzel Q #3, Wednesday, 24 November 2021, The Bus Depot Temperatures, Cold - 42 degrees, skies clear, no wind to speak of. Pax on Deck: Spaulding, Goose, Minivan & Schnitzel, QIC. Warmup: TTT 10X, Hillbilly's 10X, The Merkin 10X Michael Phelps 10X, The Motivator - from 10. The Thang: Schnitzel led 39 minutes of … Continue reading Stretchy pants

The Nutcracker, Schnitzel Version

Q #2, Tuesday, 23 November 2021, The Yacht Club, HHI. Temperatures, a moderate 45 degrees, but dang, was it ever windy! Pax on deck: (uhhh, I don't remember them all 😐 ) Lesseee.... there was Minivan, Spaulding, Spaghetti Ohs, JV, Earhart, Hardhat, Surf-N-Turf (DR ATL), Mufasa (DR Ohmyha- That's in Kneebraska) and either Goose or … Continue reading The Nutcracker, Schnitzel Version

Our knees should definitely be dirty

PAX: Peaches, Judge Judy, Buckeye, Big Spur, GATA, McFlurry, Swanson, Cockaboose, Cable Guy (Respect), Cowbell, Squeeler, Porky, Gambit (QIC) 13 PAX began the Holiday week with a punch in the face. Conditions: 53 degrees and damp Disclaimer: push yourself, don't hurt yourself. If you modify, make it look better than Swanson does. Warm-up: 10 burpees … Continue reading Our knees should definitely be dirty

showing off bluffton

DATE: 11.20.21 CONDITIONS: 48 degrees, 8-10kts NNE sustained, clear PAX: Nae Nae, Earhart, Hardhat, Bartman, Ambien, Spaulding, JV, Brutus, Sleeveless, J-Wow (FNG...welcome!), Meatgazer, Clancy, Judge Judy, Sawed Off, Buckeye, MiniVan, Springbok, Hermanos, Big Al, Schnitzel, Squid-QIC DISCLAIMER: WARM UP: -Line up fastest to slowest and count off by twos. Mosey to the Pritchard/Bridge. -TTT x … Continue reading showing off bluffton