Not today

3/17/2020 - The Brig PAX: MiniVan(R), Schnitzel(R), Chumbucket, Radar, HardHAt, WaterWorks(Vis) Weather: Perfect temps/ cloud cover Intro/ disclaimer: This is probably going to be a boring workout, lets not push ourselves and get hurt just a few days before the P200 Warmup: None of that, lets just get to the thang, because there really isn't … Continue reading Not today

3/4 Respect

3/1/2021 @ The Brig Weather: Perfect F3 morning (Most HHI PAX would not know this since they were fartsacking) PAX: MiniVan(Q-R) Schintzel(R), Bartman(R), Chumbucket (NoR) Warmup:TTT x 10IC - SloooowACF/ ACB x 10ICIW / HB X10ICLeg CrossThe Thang:11's with Burpees and tire flipsStart with 10 burpees and 1 tire fliprun between sets got longer with … Continue reading 3/4 Respect

See ya 2020

Date: 12/31/2020 @ The Yacht Club PAX: MiniVan(QR), Bartman(R), Schnitzel(R), Spaulding(R), Ambien(R), Gecko(2R), Eli(R), JV, Chumbucket, Radar, Adidas, Nae Nae, Sleeveless, Red Rider (Vistitor from upstate) Weather: Overcast high 50's Intro - Yep covered Warmup: TTTx10IC, RTRx10IC (count off 1-14) Mosey around Krogers stopping at truck for some tires The Thang: Split into 2 groups … Continue reading See ya 2020

Welcome Back OR not…

Posted on December 23, 2020 by MiniVan in The Brig DATE: 12/29/2020 PAX: Spicoli (QR), Schnitzel(R), Gecko(R), MiniVan(R), Bartman(R), Ambien(R), Tubbs, Singlet, FishStix, NaeNae, Spaghettio, Weather: lower 40’s brisk clear morning Intro: "Been a while since I've led... What do we do here?" This was the beginning of a downward slide in Spicoli's "comeback" Q Warmup: TTTx10ic, SSHx20ic, ACFx10ic, ACBx10ic … Continue reading Welcome Back OR not…

Presidential Fitness Test

The Brig: 11/4/2020 Weather: Clear, crisp cool morning PAX: MiniVan (Q), Schnitzel, Bartman, Goose, Radar, SnipeIntro, disclaimerWarmupTTTx10ic, IWx10ic, HBx10ic, ACFx10ic, ACBx10icThe Thang:Presidential Fitness Test (modified)3 stops with1 minute of BBSU1 minute of Merkins3 stops with shuttle run2 stops with AYG pull upsPractice flexibility stretch2+ miles of run Mary1 minute of BBSU1 minute of Merkins10xACFic & … Continue reading Presidential Fitness Test


Date: 9/12/2020 - The Yacht Club. MiniVans 51st B-day (Beginning of my 52nd year) Weather: 80's and Humid PAX: Goose, Schnitzel, Ambien, MiniVan(Q), Spaulding, Radar, Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Earhardt, Big Al Intro/ Disclaimer/ Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IX, ACBx10IC, MPx10IC, IWx10IC, Mosey around Krogers stopping at MiniVan's truck. The Thang: Break into 2 teams, in age order, … Continue reading 91220@TYC


Date: 9/7/2020 PAX: Schnitzel (Respect), Ambien(respect), Bartman(Respect), MiniVan(Q-Respect), Brutus, Big Al, Nacho Libre (Visitor-Alpha) Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC The Thang: Run over to our covered walkway in case of a sudden downpour11's with Merkins and Groiners at 1st endIf you come across a tire either flip it to the next post or if … Continue reading 9720@TheBrig

9 pounds add up quickly!

07.22.20 at the Brig PAX:  Minivan, Ambien, Schnitzel, Radar, Nae Nae, Bay City(Concord), Rubberneck(Woodstock), Pinocchio(Woodstock), Third Shift (NOLA), Spaulding-QIC Conditions:  82 degrees with high humidity! Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger and faster today. Warmup:  M.Phelpsx10, TTTx10, AC'sx10, Squatsx10, … Continue reading 9 pounds add up quickly!

Promise Kept!

Date: 7/13/2020 The Brig PAX: Yurt (Chapel Hill), Spaulding(respect), Schnitzel(respect), Ambien(respect), Radar, Snipe, Brutus, MiniVan(Respect - Q) Weather: low 80's a bit humid.. clear enough to see a shooting star Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC The Thang:Mosey to corner of School & Wilborn Rd50 Flutters 1cRun at pace along Wilborn to Stop sign at … Continue reading Promise Kept!