Black Jack

QIC: McFlurry Date: 8/25/2021 PAX: Big Spur, Gambit, Buckeye, Cockaboose, Peaches, Cable Guy(respect), GATA, Ballcock, Swanson and McFlurry – QIC CONDITIONS: 75 degrees and Haze DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, modify where necessary. Don’t get hurt. WARM UP SSH x 25Imperial Walker x 20SSH x 25Windmill x … Continue reading Black Jack

The Culmination

CONDITIONS: Weather - 81 degrees, 89% humidity, SW @ 6mph. Life - Unpredictable, difficult at times, part of Sky Q's master plan for us. PAX: Gambit, Judy, 12 Gauge, Grayson Allen, SMCG (Respect), Spaulding (Respect), Mini Van (Respect), Chum Bucket, Meat Gazer, NeNe, Spaghetti-O, Radar, Squid (Respect), Tubbs, Hermanos, Clancy (Respect), Ambien (Respect), Fester, Ready … Continue reading The Culmination

Propel, Water & Bananas

07.17.21 @ The MOB PAX:  MiniVan(Q),  Nae Nae, Hermanoes and Jethro (only Bluffton PAX present) Conditions:  low 80s with humidity.   Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today. Warmup:  TTTx10IC, 1 Burpee, IWx10IC, 2 Burpees, HBx10IC, 3 … Continue reading Propel, Water & Bananas

B.O.M.B.S. at the Bus Loop

Date: 6-14-2021 AO: MOB PAX: Cowbell, Gambit, Kiffin, Peanut, Swanson, McFlurry, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Cable Guy (Respect), GATA, Ollie, Squealer, Urkel (QIC) Warm Up: SSH x 25 ICTTT x 10 ICLBAC Forward IC x 15LBAC Backward IC x 15Imperial Walkers IC x 20 The Thang: Mosey to the Bus LoopPartner UpOne Partner runs … Continue reading B.O.M.B.S. at the Bus Loop

Block TURFtastick

When: 04/24/2021 QIC: Ball Cock The PAX (3): Big Spur, Lombardi (Respect!), Ball Cock (Substitute QIC). Conditions: 60 degrees, light breeze, odd cloud ceiling as noted by the PAX (had nothing to do with Space-X). Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk! Push each other. Warm-up: Triangle up at Swanson”s Pad … Continue reading Block TURFtastick

Swanson’s Pad

Date: 4/21/2021 Weather: 62 and clear Disclaimer PAX: Gambit, Cockaboose, Lombardi (respect), McFlurry, Cowbell, GATA, Peanut, Peaches, Squealer, Big Spur, Swanson, Piggly Wiggly, Barely Legal, Buckeye - QIC 14 PAX descended upon Swanson's new Pad for some full body work Warm-Up: SSH x 25 IC, Imperial Walker x 15 IC, Squat x 10 IC, TTT … Continue reading Swanson’s Pad

Ballin Out for Peaches!

QIC: McFlurry Date: 2/10/2021 PAX: Heidi,Big Spur, Peanut, Buckeye, Lombardi(Respect), Squealer,FNG(Pumpkin Spice), Adidas, Cockaboose, Judge Judy, McFlurry – QIC CONDITIONS: 59 degrees, Hazey DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, modify where necessary. Don’t get hurt. WARM UP Side Straddle Hop x 25 TTT x 10 IC Hairy Rockettes … Continue reading Ballin Out for Peaches!