The Southern Cross(es)

PAX: Judge Judy, Buckeye, Peaches, Squealer, Swanson Rachel Ray, Peanut, Whippoorwill, Deuce Bigalow, Big Spur, Sawed Off (QIC) Conditions: Not bad actually, could definitely be worse. Socratic: 5 days, 4 different post sites. Hit TYC on Friday and I'll have covered the whole region. Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, exercise at your own risk. Push yourself, push the man … Continue reading The Southern Cross(es)

Elemeno P

PAX: Mini Van, Radar, Earhart, Schnitzel, Goose, Sawed Off (QIC) Conditions: Pleasant, waning crescent moon phase Socratic: It's been a bit since I ventured to the island for a workout (or Q for that matter), and while numbers are typically modest at the Brig, those fellas go at it hard and push one another. Should … Continue reading Elemeno P

Ro Sham Bo

PAX: Judge Judy, Cable Guy, Swanson, Jeter, Roker, Adidas, SMKG, Jack Sparrow, Wet Wipes, Hackey Sack, Shocker, Ball Cock, Fudd (FNG - Welcome), Cowbell, Handy Manny, Sawed Off (QIC) CONDITIONS: 169 degrees, started sweating while taking a drink of water. YHC missed all of last week with a Rona threat. Fortunately or unfortunately, the test … Continue reading Ro Sham Bo

No Scrubs

PAX: Brown Down (respect), Eeee (respect), Ready Mix, Machine (respect), Fumes, Monsewer, Baby Shoes, Corporal Klinger, Conroy (respect), Hog Jog, Mr. Miyagi (respect), Mountaineer (respect), Crack, My Cousin Vinny, Sawed Off (QIC). YHC went north of the Broad this morning to lead my first #AnchorQ. Was met with welcoming regards and a lot of humidity. … Continue reading No Scrubs

Take 2

Conditions: 65 degrees, slight breeze PAX: Buckeye, Cowbell, Kiffin, Jack Sparrow, Ball Cock, Squealer, Peaches, Judge Judy, Swanson, Stones, Peanut, Harbaugh, OJ, Gambit, Big Spur, Cockaboose, Sawed Off (QIC). Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, work at your own risk. Push yourself and the man next to you. Improvise if necessary. Warm Up SSH x 25 … Continue reading Take 2