944 Turbo

DATE: 5.14.22 PAX: Ball Cock, Sawed Off (QIC) CONDITIONS: Low 70s, Foggy, Humid. DISCLAIMER: None. We're big boys and we know what we've gotten ourselves into on a Saturday morning. WARM UP: SSH x 20ICTTT x 10ICIW x 10ICHB x 10ICLBAC x 10IC" Rev x 10ICPhelps x 10IC Mosey to Allen & Calhoun THANG: Iron … Continue reading 944 Turbo

This is Not “adult recess”

DATE: 4.27.22 CONDITIONS: 65, breezy, scattered clouds PAX: Peaches, Squealer, Gambit, Gata, Motor Boat, McFlurry, Cockaboose, Judy, Buckeye, Sawed Off (QIC) DISCLAIMER: The credo of F3 is "leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him." This morning, we will hold true to those words by working out as a unit and … Continue reading This is Not “adult recess”

The Culmination

CONDITIONS: Weather - 81 degrees, 89% humidity, SW @ 6mph. Life - Unpredictable, difficult at times, part of Sky Q's master plan for us. PAX: Gambit, Judy, 12 Gauge, Grayson Allen, SMCG (Respect), Spaulding (Respect), Mini Van (Respect), Chum Bucket, Meat Gazer, NeNe, Spaghetti-O, Radar, Squid (Respect), Tubbs, Hermanos, Clancy (Respect), Ambien (Respect), Fester, Ready … Continue reading The Culmination

Who’s the Q? Is it me?

PAX:  Sawed Off, Swanson, Snowflake, Hostilo, SMCG, Cable Guy, Urkel, Hackey Sack, Handy Manny CONDITIONS:  74, humid, refreshing breeze   DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, workout at your own risk. Push yourself and the man next to you. Modify where necessary, don't get hurt. WARMUP:  SSH x 50, TTT x 10, LBAC x 10, Reverse x 10, Helos x 10, … Continue reading Who’s the Q? Is it me?

Beatings will continue…

PAX: Peanut, Cable Guy (Respect), Ball Cock, GATA, Hackey Sack, Dwight (Kotter), Judy, Doc McStuffins, Lombardi (Respect), Stones, Sawed Off (QIC) CONDITIONS: 53 degrees, threatening, ominous. DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, exercise at your own risk. Push yourself, push the man next to you. Modify where necessary, don't get hurt. WARM UP: TTT x 15 … Continue reading Beatings will continue…