944 Turbo

DATE: 5.14.22

PAX: Ball Cock, Sawed Off (QIC)

CONDITIONS: Low 70s, Foggy, Humid.

DISCLAIMER: None. We’re big boys and we know what we’ve gotten ourselves into on a Saturday morning.


  • SSH x 20IC
  • TTT x 10IC
  • IW x 10IC
  • HB x 10IC
  • LBAC x 10IC
  • ” Rev x 10IC
  • Phelps x 10IC

Mosey to Allen & Calhoun


Iron Cross x 4

  • 10 merkins at center, mosey to four points and complete 10 stagger right, diamond, stagger left and crucible merkins followed by 10 merkins upon each return to center.
  • 10 BBSUs at center, mosey to four points and complete 10 flutters IC, WW1s, v-ups and cruchy frogs followed by 10 BBSUs upon each return to center.
  • 10 squats at center, mosey to four points and complete 10 lunges (2 is 1), jump squats, reverse lunges (2 is 1) and starbursts followed by 10 squats upon each return to center.
  • 10 SSH at center, mosey to four points and complete 10 smurf jacks, plank jacks, seal jacks and a motivator from 7 followed by 10 SSH upon each return to center.
  • Mosey from Allen and Calhoun on 5K route in reverse back to pad.



There were only two of us. Pretty straight forward.


  • CSAUP – May 28, 06:30, Coligny Beach. Bartman has the Q.
  • Region Happy Hour – May 25, 17:30, Kelly’s Tavern




  • Upon entering the parking lot, YHC thought we may be in for a good turn out on Saturday in Bluffton. Unfortunately, mor PAX used the MOB as a meeting place than an AO.
  • If Lafawnda takes as long as he did to get ready for a bike ride, I can’t imagine how long he takes to get ready for dinner or a special occaision.
  • Someone get Judy a proper water bottle for his bike. His current apparatus is being held together by duct tape.
  • This Backblast title is inspired by some of the mumblechatter shared between Ball Cock and YHC. Turns out both PAX have some history with Porsche 944s from the mid-80s.
  • There was a good bit of discussion about the perils of raising young daughters. We’ve got a total of 5 between the two of us.
  • Saw two additional PAX at All-Joy donuts post-Q. Reasons for absense were understood; good to see them being High Impact Dads early on a Saturday.
  • Bluffton Youth Sports season is wrapping up. We’re expecting to see a few more PAX on Saturday mornings moving forward.

Always a pleasure to lead. The opportunity to do so is appreciated.

Sawed Off Out.

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