Cold Monday

Pax: Peaches (QIC), Cowbell, Stones, Shart, Chestnut (aka Limp Richard), Cockaboose, Kiffin, Sawed Off, Peanut, Bodhi. Conditions: 36, feels like 30 Disclaimer: Push but don’t annoy Mission: Plant, Serve, Grow small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community Leadership. Warmup: SSH X 10 IC TTT x 10 IC AC x 10 both … Continue reading Cold Monday

Wednesday at MOB

PAX: Kiffin (QIC), Peaches, Big Spur, Zebco, Bohdi, Cowbell, Cockaboose, Compost, Gambit, Judge Judy, Buckeye, Porky. Weather: 58 and clear with light wind Disclaimer: I'm not a trained professional. Push yourself to be better today and push the guy next to you. But don't get hurt. Warm up: SSH x 20IC Baby Arm Circles x … Continue reading Wednesday at MOB

Track day

PAX: Sawed-Off, Swanson, McFlurry, Peaches, Cable Guy (Respect), Motorboat, Cockaboose (QIC) Conditions: COLD, Dry, 35 degrees Disclaimer: Work Hard, Support the man beside you, Don't hurt yourself, Don't be annoying The Warm Up: SSH x 25, ICTTT x 12 ICHigh Knee Launch (Frolic???), 5 ea leg (OYO)Pigeon Stretch, ea leg The Thang: Track Ladder (ea … Continue reading Track day