Welcome PJ!

QIC: McFlurry Date: 1/13/2021 PAX: Peaches, 12 gauge, Big Spur, Swanson, Lava Fish, Cowbell, Hair Clog,Peanut, Squealer, FNG(PJ), GATA, Gas Mask, McFlurry - QIC CONDITIONS: 48 degrees, no wind and pleasant DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, modify where necessary. Don’t get hurt. WARM UP Imperial Walkers x 20 … Continue reading Welcome PJ!

Hello 2021!

PAX: Sawed Off, Squealer, Peaches, Big Spur, Kiffin, Cowbell, Peanut, Buckeye, McFlurry, Ball Cock, harbaugh!, GATA, Lombardi (Respect), Cable Guy (Respect), Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Joanne (FNG) Conditions: 40 and beautiful Disclaimer: WO at your own risk Warmup: SSH x 20 ICSeal Jacks x 21 ICTTT x 15 ICImperial Walkers x 20 ICHillbilly Walkers … Continue reading Hello 2021!

#GiveThanks & #DukeSucks

November is by far my favorite month. Between #sweaterweather, not profusely sweating, Clemson-Carolina football, and Thanksgiving, it doesn't get much better. This is an opportunity to be reminded of those things. PAX: Peaches, Buckeye, McFlurry, Cowbell, Ray, Cable Guy (Respect), Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Cockaboose QIC Conditions: Mid 70’s, slight breeze, more humid than … Continue reading #GiveThanks & #DukeSucks