Being Voluntold

QIC: Lombardi PAX: Sawed Off, Ballcock, Toothless, Cable Guy (respect), Jethro Conditions: Dark and humid followed by daylight and sweat. Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional. I have no knowledge of any injuries or your fitness level. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify exercises if you need to. The most important … Continue reading Being Voluntold

One day, on Vacation

Since I'm not in town and can't enjoy a beat down from a fellow PAX, I decided to keep up with workouts OMO, no vacation from a beat down, right? Conditions: 70’s and pleasant at 3500ft Disclaimer: Don’t hurt myself Warm-up: All ICSSHx25, TTTx25, ACx25 F&B, IWx25 The THANG:YHC's version of BOMBS. Everything done OYO … Continue reading One day, on Vacation

Parking Space #21 and Indian Round Up

PAX : Adidas, Swanson, Lavafish(2.0), Jeter, Chigger, Cowbell, Handy Manny, Shocker, Ball Cock, Harbaugh!, Sawed Off, Hackett Sack, Wet Wipes, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Calzone(FNG), Cable Guy (QIC) CONDITIONS : Perfect! If it gets any cooler, I will have to break out the hoodie. DISCLAIMER: I am not a trained professional, work out at … Continue reading Parking Space #21 and Indian Round Up

Monday Morning beatdown

07.27.20 MOB PAX:  Buckeye, Peanut, Lombardi, Peaches, Cable Guy, Squealer, Saw'd-off, Shocker, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher, Cowbell, Kiffin-QIC Conditions:  76 degrees, 80% humidity, winds calm. Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a better, stronger and faster today. 0515 Warmup:   25 Sealjacks 4 count, Thru the … Continue reading Monday Morning beatdown