If a Tree Falls in the woods…

…and no one is there to see or hear it, did it really happen? The question seemed pertinent this morning.

PAX: Sawed Off (QIC)

CONDITIONS: 78 degrees, humid, clear skies.

DISCLAIMER: Your flying solo this morning, but we just discussed the DRP yesterday. Hold yourself accountable, push it, get better.


SSH x 10IC

TTT x 10IC

LBAC x 10IC, rev x 10IC

Mosey to Pritchard St.


Running the four-mile loop with stops at every corner for 10 merkins, BBSU and squats. 18 total sets.


TTT x 10IC

Pigeon Pose, left and right





YHC’s sister

Big Spur

LaDonna Kleinhans


  • The old adage referenced above seemed appropriate for a title of this BB. If no other PAX are present to post with a Q, does the workout really count? Does a one-PAX post constitute a workout? With those questions in mind, I did my best to make the time worth while and act as though someone else was providing the Saturday moring beatdown. I got my money-worth.
  • Blue pills seem to be the preferred medicine on Saturday mornings. We’ve all got our reasons and obligations; YHC admittedly has been out for two weeks. Saturdays are special though. Lets be vigilent in building it back to what it should be.
  • Saw Brown Trout grabbing donuts for his 2.0s. HID!
  • Received a few cat-calls from passers-by this morning. Strangely, they all came from other men.
  • As the light breaks on Old Town Bluffton, I’m again reminded of how fortunate we are to call this place home.

Always a pleasure, whether leading or simply representing.

Sawed Off out.


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