Back At The Buck

Date: 6/28/2022 QIC: Buckeye PAX: Ballcock, Judge Judy, Buckeye - QIC Conditions: The usual for this time of year Disclaimer YHC surveyed the AO and had thoughts of another solo workout but 2 more PAX roll in just in time. #thankful Warm Up: Seal Jack x 20 IC Imperial Squat Walker x 16 IC SSH … Continue reading Back At The Buck


Date: 5/2/2022 QIC: Gambit / Buckeye PAX: Peaches, GATA, UGA, Sawed Off, Cable Guy, Squid, Compost, Cowbell, Big Spur, Kiffin, Squealer, Cockaboose, Gambit and Buckeye - QIC Conditions: Mid 60s Disclaimer: 14 PAX entered the gloom to help celebrate the MOB turning seven with blocks and burpees. Warm Up - Gambit: SSH x 20 IC … Continue reading MOB TURNS 7


Date: 12/15/2021 QIC:  Buckeye PAX:¬†¬†Peaches, Sawed Off, McFlurry, Cockaboose, Ballcock, Cowbell, Gambit, Cable Guy, Porky, Buckeye - QIC Conditions:   55 and pleasant 10 PAX got their holiday beatdown on with the 6th annual 12 Days of F3 at the #MOB. Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, trained, and lacks skill, you are exercising at your own … Continue reading 6th ANNUAL 12 DAYS OF F3


Date: 5/12/21 Weather: Cloudy and humid Disclaimer PAX: Gambit, Cockaboose, Sawed Off, GATA, Peanut, Cowbell, McFlurry, Buckeye - Impromptu QIC 8 PAX looked at each other at Swanson's PAD for a "Who's the Q" kind of morning at the MOB. Warm-Up: SSH x 30 IC, DM Burpee x 1, LAC-F x 10 IC, DM Burpee … Continue reading Q?