Track day

PAX: Sawed-Off, Swanson, McFlurry, Peaches, Cable Guy (Respect), Motorboat, Cockaboose (QIC)

Conditions: COLD, Dry, 35 degrees

Disclaimer: Work Hard, Support the man beside you, Don’t hurt yourself, Don’t be annoying

The Warm Up:

  • SSH x 25, IC
  • TTT x 12 IC
  • High Knee Launch (Frolic???), 5 ea leg (OYO)
  • Pigeon Stretch, ea leg

The Thang: Track Ladder (ea lap is approx 0.1 mile or 175 m)

  • RUNG 1: Find a buddy and run 5 easy pace laps, Finish with Colt 45
  • RUNG 2: Lap Strides (start with easy pace, work up to hard pace around halfway, gradual slowdown back to easy pace), 5 laps with 10 Merkins between each
  • RUNG 3: Hard Pace, 5 laps with 20 Bobby Hurley’s between each (#dukesucks)
  • RUNG 4: Sprints (half lap / 80-90 m), SSH x 10 between each, led by various PAX
  • RUNG 5: Hard pace, 2 continuous laps, followed by Al Gore for 6
  • RUNG 6: Strides, 2 continuous laps, followed by 10 BBSU
  • Indian Run / Mosey to Flag
  • Freddie Mercury x 20, IC




  • Continued prayers for Ukraine
  • Boose family dog & next steps


  • Just finished a (fictional) book about a young man who finds his gifting in running. Had some difficult situations, but the real friends, support, & purpose came through running. Feels a little close to home…
  • Most of the running in the book was on a track, so felt like an opportunity to do some track work with the P200 at hand
  • I’m continuously impressed by Cable Guy. He has to know what’s coming during P200 training, but shows up, puts in the work, and never once complains or skips. #HIM
  • The cold can hurt, but I know I’m going to miss it very soon
  • You guys choose to follow, which always blows my mind, because we’re all grown ass men – and we don’t have to

Always a pleasure to Lead!

Boose out.


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