Danglin feet


PAX:  MiniVan, Spaghettio, Wham!,  Squid, Chumbucket, Big Al (Kotter), Spaulding, Nae Nae, Schnitzel, Clancy & Radar for the 6:37 start time

Conditions: Low 70’s, clear skies, low bug count, perfect conditions

Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper, stronger, and faster today.  

Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10, ACBx10, APx10, Motivator 10 count

Thang: Blocks and Tires

  • BF = Burpee Fun (1 burpee, 1 blockee, 1 burpee, 1 blockee, 1 burpee)
  • Mosey to the boneyard, everyone picks a block and mosey back to pavilion
  • 25 x ½ curls, round of BF, run to tire and flip 1x
  • 25 x Shoulder press, BF, run to tire flip 2x
  • 25 x Chest press, BF, tire flip 3x
  • 25 x full curl, BF, tire flip 4x
  • Decline plank for the 6
  • 25 Dips, BF, tire flip x5
  • 25 Merkins, BF, tire flip x6
  • 25 Derkins, BF tire flip x7
  • 25 Irkens, BF, tire flip x8
  • Incline plank for the 6
  • 25 squats (w blocks), BF, tire flip x1
  • 25 lunges (w/ blocks), BF, tire flip x2
  • 25 Speed Skaters (w/blocks), BF, tire flip x3
  • 25 Step ups (w/ blocks), BF, tire flip x4
  • Side plank for the 6


  • At edge of pavilion with legs hanging over and holding block above chest for each
  • 15x crunchy frog version of only leg movement
  • 25IC flutters
  • 15x Hello dolly
  • 15x windshield wipers
  • Leg lift for final 45 seconds


Announcements:  TYC 5-year anniversary Friday May 27, Memorial Day Convergence May 28,  The Murph, @ TYC Monday May 30th.    Growruck September 9, 10 & 11

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Prayer: Unspoken  

Moleskin: Morning started with minimal chatter.  When YHC called out the motivator Squid gave a side-eye that stated he was not pleased.  Radar conveniently arrived at the end of the Motivator.  Big Al asked if these workouts are friendly to all levels. Spaulding was secretly hoping the tires would have rolled into the marsh when they were being rolled onto the field.  Nae Nae caught onto the Mosey when we turned into the boneyard.  Wham!, Chumbucket and Spaulding all tried to cheat themselves and the other PAX by flipping the tire back toward the pavilion vs away.  YHC called them out and clarified directions.  Spaulding(a touch on the sensitive side today) quickly pointed out that it was South.  During Mary comments were made that the vertically challenged PAX feet may dangle from the wall but not necessarily touch the ground.  These comments were taken in stride and will be remembered for future Qs.  We discovered how awkward it is for feet to touch during certain Mary exercises, so we did Windshield Wipers in unison to the joy of those walking by..  Nae Nae, never one to pass up the sale aisle at Krogers, purchased a massage gun and raffled it off at Coffee – Clancy won.  Discussions on opening a Coffee stand on Saturday mornings in the parking lot were held due to Starbucks being only open for customers in vehicles.

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