What’s a Pull-up?

PAX:  Dabo, Harbaugh , Whippoorwill, Coach K, Mountaineer (Respect), Compost, Big Spur, Static, Judge Judy, Shocker, Ballcock, Sawed off, Stones, Peaches (QIC)

Weather: 57 perfect

Disclaimer:  Push yourself, the man to your left and right, but don’t hurt any of them

Warm up:

SSH x25 IC

AC x 15 IC (both ways)

TTT x 15 IC

Hillbilly’s x 15 IC

Mosey parking lot loop and back:

Thang: DORA

Partner up, partner A runs short loop while partner B completes exercise until cumulative numbers of reps are complete, then help Six

150 Pull-ups

250 Merkins

350 Squats

Mosey parking lot loop and back:


Flutters x 25 IC

Dirty Dogs x 15 IC (both ways)

Flutters x 10 IC

Plank 45 Seconds




Announcements: F3 Savannah is having Convergence at Tanger outlets in Pooler May 4th 7:00 AM.  Flat tire from F3 Pooler looking to put a team or 2 together next year for P-200 to up the fundraiser numbers.

Prayers: Unspoken


-Judy’s eyes light up like a fat kid in a candy store when Pull-ups were called as exercise

-Coach K’s had similar reaction once his pull ups were done and he could crush Merkins

-According to Dabo the best way to get better at Pull-ups is to not be a fatty, #noted

-T-claps to Judy and Whip on their 4 miler EC run.

-Harbaugh holding steady attendance at the #Buck

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