When: 05/19/2022 QIC: Ball Cock The PAX (4): Cable Guy (Respect!), Swanson, Ambien (Respect!), Ball Cock (QIC). Conditions: Clear and humid; partially waning moon. Disclaimer: Last man there gets voluntold by Swanson to Q…Therefore, YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk! Push each other. Warm-up: Circle-up (no tripod) at the Pad for … Continue reading HALF A HUNDO

Veterans day workout

When: 11/11/2021Workout Style: Boot CampQIC: StonesPAX: Kiffin, Peanut, Ambien, Sawed Off, Ballcock, Cable Guy, Hacky Sack Warmup SSH x 20 IC TTT x 10 IC mosey to parking area Forward Arm Circles x 10 IC Backward Arm Circles x 10 IC Mosey to short wall in front of school 3 sets of Dips x 25, Derkins x 10, Squats … Continue reading Veterans day workout

Let the games begin…

September 2, 2021 PAX: Hacky Sack, Cable Guy (Respect), Shocker, Handy Manny, Cowbell, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Ballcock, Urkel (QIC) Warm-up: SSH IC x 20TTT IC x 10Windmills IC x 15LBAC IC x 15 each way5 Pull-upsPlank up in the Parking lot The Thang: Mosey to the bus loopPartner Up"Tag"Partner 1 Mosey around the … Continue reading Let the games begin…

The Culmination

CONDITIONS: Weather - 81 degrees, 89% humidity, SW @ 6mph. Life - Unpredictable, difficult at times, part of Sky Q's master plan for us. PAX: Gambit, Judy, 12 Gauge, Grayson Allen, SMCG (Respect), Spaulding (Respect), Mini Van (Respect), Chum Bucket, Meat Gazer, NeNe, Spaghetti-O, Radar, Squid (Respect), Tubbs, Hermanos, Clancy (Respect), Ambien (Respect), Fester, Ready … Continue reading The Culmination

Pax: (10) Hacky Sack, Cable Guy (Respect), Swanson, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Hostilo, Fester, Mountaineer (Respect), Pony, Urkel, Yo-Yo Ma (QIC) Warm Up: 1 Burpee OYO5 Side Straddle Hops IC2 Burpees OYO10 Imperial Walkers IC3 Burpees OYO15 Through The Tunnel IC4 Burpees OYO20 SSH IC5 Burpees OYO25 Imperial Walkers IC 6 Burpees OYO20 TTT … Continue reading

Block/Burpee Sweatfest

When: 07/20/2021 QIC: Ball Cock The PAX (2): Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Cable Guy (Respect), Hostilo, Swanson, Kiffin, Urkel, Ball Cock (QIC). Conditions: If it gets any hotter or more humid, I'll have to take off stuff I really ought to keep on. Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk! Push each other. Warm-up: … Continue reading Block/Burpee Sweatfest

Who’s the Q? Is it me?

PAX:  Sawed Off, Swanson, Snowflake, Hostilo, SMCG, Cable Guy, Urkel, Hackey Sack, Handy Manny CONDITIONS:  74, humid, refreshing breeze   DISCLAIMER: Not a trained professional, workout at your own risk. Push yourself and the man next to you. Modify where necessary, don't get hurt. WARMUP:  SSH x 50, TTT x 10, LBAC x 10, Reverse x 10, Helos x 10, … Continue reading Who’s the Q? Is it me?