Triple Treat


When: 9.14.17

PAX: Valley Girl, Big Perm, Erkel, Joker, Deez Nuts, Doo Doo, Big Spur (Bill Fuge, FNG), Static, Soul Glow , Scissor Hands, Seaman (Chris England, FNG), Soul Fingers, Peaches, Dabo, Bilbo Baggins, Crop Duster, Toothless, Coach K, Yank’em, Ray, Paladin, Ball Cock, Mr. Clean, Moped, Madoff, Chomp (QIC)

Conditions: 71 degrees, perfectly still morning

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional.  Work out at your own risk. Push yourself, push your brother next to you.

Warm Up

SSH IC (25)

TTT IC (15)

IW IC (15/15)

Baby arm circles IC (15/15)

Annies IC (15/15)

Mosey to steps in front of BHS


Life is full of options and opportunities.  Today 26 Men CHOSE to get better!  Based on that, we were in for a Treat not a Threat.

Partner up for the first set, Triple Treat Tag.

While partner A runs the parking lot loop with a jail break between the speed bumps, partner B embraces the exercise: 30 Dips, 30 Derkins, 15 Box Jumps. Continuous exercise keeping your own count.  Pax completed two-plus full rotations.

Mosey to tennis courts for our second set, Tennis Court Triple Treat

Bear Crawls or Lunges across the tennis court. At near side of court complete two Star Jacks, at mid courts complete 4 Star Jacks, at far side of courts complete 6 Star Jacks.  Before heading back we embraced nature and held Al Gore position (deep squat while holding arms around imaginary tree) with Al Gore shuffles in circle formation.  As a special treat we took three 10 count breaks – much appreciation shown for the breaks.

Mosey to BHS steps – PAX held Al Gore while waiting for the Q who forgot his phone on the Tennis Court requiring a Jail Break back to the men in waiting. (Rookie mistake, won’t happen again!)

Mosey to Pad of Pain


Flutters IC (20)


Box Cutters IC (15)



Announcements: None

Prayer Requests: Handy Mandy (back issues); All in the path of Irma and those affected by the storm; Parents of young men specifically that He would provide courage, leadership and wisdom as we raise young men and that our influence on them would remain strong in their lives.

Moleskin: Apparently there was some mumble chatter about the speed of our Boxcutters. YHC has short legs and it must not take as long for them to make the shape of a square. Your chatter was heard – next time they will be m.u.c.h. s.l.o.w.e.r.

It was a pleasure leading such a great group of men;  definitely my honor.


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