IRMA Pay Back


Judge Judy, Kiffin, Gump, Diapers, Swanson, Composts, Boomer Sooner, Chumbucket, Madoff, Valley Girl, Urkel, Mr. Clean, Big Perm, Squealer, Chomp, 12-Gauge, Ballcock, Dabo, Gambit, Peaches (QIC)


65 and Great

Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, Push yourself and the man next to you

Warm Up:

SSH x 30 IC

AC x 15 IC both Ways

TTT x 10 IC

4 x4 x 5 OYO

Lets Mosey to the bridge, Lunge walk across

Mosey to Calhoun, Squats for the Six

Mosey to Gambits favorite spot the Oyster Factory (smells fresh) and plank for the six

The Thang:

To pay our respects to Hurricane IRMA lets use her name as an Acronym, Partner up.  Partner 1 does the exercise while Partner 2 runs up hill to 2nd light and back.

Incline Merkins on the dock x 100

Ranger Merkins x 200

Mountain Climber x 300 (each leg=half a rep)

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 400 (each shoulder=half rep, wait cancel that each=1 rep)

Most everyone finished, 10 count mosey back to Calhoun and do LBC’s for the Six, mosey to Bridge and walk to wait on six, Mosey back to the flag and Circle up for Mary.





-Chomp with VQ at the Buck tomorrow

-Sign up for the P200, almost enough for 3 teams, shooting for 4.

-Young Life resumes next week

-Dabo shows appreciation for all that helped with flood clean up, again.

-Prayers unspoken


-Diapers loved the 300 Mountain Climbers to stretch out his Achilles tendon

-Still unable to locate 12-Gauges hammy at the boat ramp

-Urkel laughed at the only hill in Bluffton after Posting upstate for a week

-Great to get back out after a couples days of hurricane prep and cleanup

Always a pleasure to Lead!

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