Breakfast Bakers Dozen

PAX: Boomer Sooner, Gump, Dabo, Peaches, Cubby, Buckeye, Kiffin, Joker, Sawed Off, SoulGlow, Ray, Coach K, Ball Cock, Yankem, Squid, Madoff, Chomp, Chumbucket, War Eagle, Stones, Bilbow Baggins, Swanson, Gambit

23 Men pulled back the covers of the fartsack on this Monday morning to start the week off with a bang. No Q on the sheet as of late last night, so YHC  saw an opportunity. After a make shift Shovel flag  was planted due to some “sharpening” of the M#MOB  flag, we circled up to get things going.

Conditions: 69 degrees with slightly less humidity than Mid Aug

Disclaimer: Not trained, not a professional, modify as needed, but don’t  cheat the exercise or yourself.

Warm-up: mosey 1 lap (0.3 mi), SSH x 30, TTT x 10, windmills x 20, IW x 20, Copper head Squat x 20, Merkin x 10, kneeling get ups x 20

The Thang:

Line up on the track facing the fence. All PAX  begin with 13 BBSU. Run to fence for 13 Burpees. back to track for 12 BBSU, back to fence for  12 Burpees. Continue  down to  1 of each. Help someone finish once done.

flutters x 25 (IC)

Mosey to the BBall court by way of the track (no shortcuts) and line up on the sideline. Bearcrawl across and backward bearcrawl  back

Move  over to the wall…BTTW until Q calls walk out to  45 degees (~30sec). Back ont he wall at 45 degrees for mountain climbers x 10 (IC)

Bearcrawl back  across the BBall court and then finish out the lap around the track back to the flag with a jailbreak from the last post. Plank for  the 6

4 MOM: Plankorama with R arm up, left arm up on Q call, Plankjacks x 25 (IC), Dirty Dogs x 20 ea leg


Announcements: Sign up for P200 on the sign up tab located on the pinned Q sheet. Food challenge starting in a couple weeks. See squid for more info or  check twitter. Reach out to those PAX that have gone missing and make sure they didn’t get blown away during IRMAGEDDON. That storm is no longer a good excuse for  not posting (just as Dabo)

Prayers: Jokers friend’s  son, Family in Beaufort that lost their 1 yr old  to accident


  1. Buckeye and Joker were feeling the spirit this morning. May have to go to the tape for a form check
  2. Stones had a special feeling this morning while doing the BBSUs. (ask Squid for more details)
  3. Gump was pushing the pace this morning and was seen multiple times picking up the 6.
  4. BTTW is always a crowd favorite. Nothing like  feeling all the blood rush to your head just after finishing bearcrawls
  5. After being called out on FB by 112.3# Gump, Foodstamps was still a no show.
  6. Anyone seen Dwight?

It was a pleasure this morning fellas! Continue to push each other. Reach out to that guy you have been pestering, or the one that you haven’t seen out in a while.

Gambit OUT!


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