Where did everyone go?

PAX: 12 Gauge, Swanson, Flea, Big easy, Roker, Gambit (QIC)


6 PAX made it out this AM for yet another humid suckfest. Apparently Wednesday is  the day the fartsack is  the strongest. Many needed their beauty rest, and some were just  flat out lazy. Either way work was done.

Conditions: Does it really matter?

Disclaimer: you know the routine

Warm-up: (IC) SSH x 40, TTT x 15, tempo merkin x 15, Squats x 20, mosey track (0.3mi)

The Thang: All PAX begin on the track at the baseball field. Start with 11’s with burpees and jumping lunges. Perform 10 Burpees and 1 jumping lunge, run the track to the BBall court for  bear crawl from sideline to sideline and back, continue  running the track  to the benches  for 11’s of Derkins and dips (10 derkins:1dip), continue  run to starting point, (9 burpees : 2 jumping lunges), run to bball court for  bear crawl, run to  benches for (9 derkins : 2 dips), run back to  start. Continue cycle to  complete 11’s.

5 MOM: back scratchers x 30 (IC), air humpers x 20 (IC), single  leg air humpers x 10 ea leg (IC), Plankorama until time.


Countorama, Namorama

Announcements: Yacht Club looking to add another AO on North end, Stones still probably looking for Ragnar runners since people seem to  keep dropping.

Prayer: all those affected by flo


  1. bearcrawl is 12 gauges kryptonite
  2. Swanson hates running
  3. Roker seemed to get stronger as time went
  4. Flea was quiet today. Weird
  5. Big Easy was his steady self kicking tail throughout
  6. Numbers are down since Planet Fitness opened up. Guess we need a tanning bed and hydro massage

2.5 miles with some suck mixed in. Some got  better this  morning. Others just didn’t

Gambit out

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