WHEN: 09/20/2018


PAX (15):  

Urkel, Whippoorwill, Cornhole, Ray, Coach K, Yo-Yo Ma, Annie,  Joker, Madoff, Buckeye, TP, Handy Manny, Judge Judy, Big Spur, Ball Cock (QIC).

15 PAX overcame the pull of the fartsack and DRP’d for a Gambitless beat down on the gridiron.


73 Degrees, Clear skies above us and wet dew filled grass below us. Still humid, though.


I am not a trained professional. Exercise at your own risk.  Push the man next to you.  Modify if needed.

Warm Up:

  • Side Straddle Hops IC x 30
  • 5 Hand release Merkins OYO
  • TTT X 20 IC
  • 5 Hand release Merkins OYO
  • Imperial Walkers X 20 IC
  • 5 Hand Release Merkins OYO
  • Windmills X 20 IC
  • 5 Hand Release Merkins OYO
  • Plank Jacks X 20 IC
  • 5 Hand Release Merkins OYO
  • Mountain Climbers X 20 IC
  • 5 Hand Release Merkins OYO
  • Recover

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the Stadium for 5 Hand Release Merkins OYO
  • Form a line and Run the bleachers hitting every step and every set of steps.
  • Gather at the opposite end of the bleachers and plank
  • 5 Hand release Merkins OYO
  • Line up along the Goal Line for 100 Yard Dash 11s (East Endzone Big Boy Sit ups; West Endzone Hand Release Merkins….you know the drill)
  • Once completed elevens, gather at the corner of the East endzone and squat for the six.
  • Line up for a four corner gridiron Rail Road Tracks, planking at every 5 yards
  • Mosey Back to the pad
  • Done

30 SOM
Superman, Spiderman



Please pray for Dabo and his family as they travel to Clearwater to be with his father who is recovering from a heart attack.


  • Whippoorwill does a great Gambit impression.
  • Annie likes doing Hand Release Merkins the hard way.
  • Yo-yo Ma and Urkel plank flat on their bellies; like father, like son.
  • What happened to the Ragnar training? I guess the mystery will never be solved. I took the PAX to run the bleachers in hopes that we would understand what those guys have been doing under the bleachers on Tues/Thursdays.
  • Madoff felt YHC’s Q was his favorite Q (no Burpees or Crab Walks…
  • …no Gambit, either.)

As always, a pleasure to lead you all in the gloom.

Ball Cock….Audi 5000!

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