Unwelcome Friends

PAX: Judge Judy, Dabo, Kiffin, Harvey Updike, Gump, Dwight, Peaches, Ball Cock, Compost, Gambit (QIC)

Most of the race training is over  for the time being (other than Judy and Harvey with a Marathon upcoming on 6 weeks) so it was time to bring back our long lost friends. The blocks have been safely stored at my house just long enough to provide  a safe refuge for  a family of black widows. After relocating the  family and loading the blocks into the truck, it was off to the AO for my first Saturday post in some time. This was gonna suck.

Conditions: mid 60s (perfect if you are a no-see-um)

Disclaimer: you know the drill. Don’t hurt yourself.

Warm-up: (IC unless otherwise stated)

SSH x 60 (originally planning on until Judy arrives from the port-o-potty, must be dehydrated), Windmills x 20, TTT, x 15, Squats, x 20, lets mosey these bugs suck…Continue with 1 mile loop turning left onto Pritchard for  merkins x 20 at corner of bridge and protchard, bear crawl across bridge and jailbreak to  stop sign, recover for the 6 and continue  mosey to Dubois Park. All PAX complete 2 sets of 5 pull-ups and 20 LBCs, resume mosey to nicklepumpers for 10 burpees OYO, mosey to red fish for 20 BBSU OYO, OYG back to kiffins truck for bug spray (not sure it helped but made us feel better)

The Thang:

All PAX grab a coupon (cinder block) and move to the track  for block work:

Set 1: Blockees (burpee with OHP instead of jump) x 20, curls x 20, Sumo squats x 20, kneeling front raises (YHC called audible  to incline merkins after getting a sharp pain in my back) x 20, dips x 20. After PAX finish they hold block overhead until 6 finish. All PAX take a .3 mile lap

Set 2: Squat press (squat with block and press overhead upon rising to  standing) x 20, OHP w/  block x 20, Derkins x 20, BBSU with block on chest x 20, Walk overs x 20. Hold block overhead until all PAX done and everyone take a lap

Blockees x 20 (crowd pleaser)

Walking lunges with rotation using block to the flag and back to the track

All  PAX circle up sitting around the flag facing out. Blocks are placed on the right side. When Q says “go”, each PAX moves their block from the right side to the left  setting down. turn back to grab the next block on your right and move  it to your left. Continue  until  Q  says reverse  directions.

Return Coupons to the truck  and mosey to the BBall court for 4 MOM with (hopefully) less bugs

4 MOM: plank-o-rama, dirty dog x 20, air humpers x 20, single leg air humpers x 10 each leg.




Prayer: all those traveling for spring break, Tavern  & Table employee and staff after being robbed this week.


  1. T-claps to JJ and Harvey for putting in 11 miles pre workout and 4-6 more after (Beasts or dumb still up for debate)
  2. Note to self, Don’t talk to Dwight before 7 am
  3. No-see-ums don’t  care if you put on bug spray
  4. Although annoying, no-see-ums provide ample protein when swallowed in mass quantities while performing heavy breathing
  5. Blocks are always a dumb idea especially after spending the last 6 months training for races (#soccermomarms)
  6. T-claps to many of the PAX that complete the front raises even after the audible was called
  7. Gump doesn’t even weigh as much as one of the blocks making weighted BBSUs difficult. T-claps to Kiffin for the extra curls helping lift Gump up from the ground.

Good push by all this morning. As always, mumblechatter was glorious and appreciated. Continue pushing the rock.

Gambit  out!

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