Block work for one

6 Pax on Deck: Bartman (r), Tubbs, Minivan (r), Mustang, Schnitzel (r), Radar QIC


Weather: 75 w/ light refreshing drizzle

Warmup: Grab one block and available blinkies and mosey, stop for TTTx15 and leg stretches, different pax carries block mosey some more, stop for IWx15, different pax carries block and mosey, stop for MPx10, ACx20, APx10.

The Thang: Chase the rabbit

Pax picks up block and calls out exercise for 10 reps then takes off running. Remaining Pax does reps and then chases the rabbit for tag. Once tagged all pax plank for six and repeat with next pax calling out exercise and running with block. Quick diversion to pull-up bars for max set or 60 second balls to the wall.

Mary: 3 jail breaks for most except 2 pax that chose their own recover time

COT: Prayers for Colten, transparency of frustrations

Moleskin: The single block represents a burden that each of us carry and its easier to move forward when we get to share that block with each other. Our fellow brother wants to help, we need to be humble enough to ask for it. However the goal should be to leave it at the foot of the cross for Jesus to take since none of us were meant to carry it. Great push today, we did close to 3 miles! Always an honor to lead such great men!

Radar, out

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