Rinse, Wring, Use again!

Pax on Deck: Spaulding (r), Nae Nae, JV, Squid (r), Minivan (r), Brutus, Sleeveless, Radar, Clancy (r), Schnitzel, QIC (r) & FNG Spencer Ducharme, welcome, Mustang!:


Warmup: 20x SSH, 10x IW, 10x TTT, Mosey around the front of Kroger and then to the wall for BTTW until first pax dropped, then to the boneyard for coupons. Back to Circle for a round of Lt. Dans- 1 Dead Lifts and 4 Curls to 10 & 40

The Thang: 11’s of Schnitzel Burpees and Schnitzel Blockees

Lt Dans of BBS & Chest Presses to 10 & 40.

Return Coupons.

Mary: 10x each of Flutters, Hello Dolly, In/Outs, Leg Raises, 6″ Holds


COT- For pax w/o water in their home this am, college-age kids decisions, our country’s Christian heritage, unspoken.

Moleskin – Coffeeteria mumblechatter resulted in A) Schnitzel puts this workout away for a good, long time; B) Brutus is taking the Q for next weekend’s coffeeteria and turning it into a breakfast extravaganza. Keep an eye out for your assignments. Good time to recruit those who have been on the sidelines.

Schnitzel out.


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