1/2 a Six Pax at TYC

Pax on Deck: Spaulding (r), Nae Nae, Schnitzel, QIC (r):

Pax in the drink: Tubbs, JV & Squid for IPX makeup day (aint that sweet)


Warmup: Mosey around the front of Kroger and then to the boneyard for coupons. Back to Circle for a round of Lt. Dans- 1 Dead Lifts and 4 Curls to 10 & 40

The Thang: 11’s of Schnitzel Burpees and Schnitzel Blockees

Mary: Lt Dans of BBS & Chest Presses to 5 & 20.

Return Coupons/Recover

COT- Unspoken

Moleskin – JV’s report on the Grow Ruck was a keen reminder that F3 is more than a workout group. It isn’t too much of a stretch to say that, in some cases, we’re saving lives – from all the bad stuff us guys tend to get into. You guys are amazing. Proud to be included in your number.

Schnitzel out.


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