F3: Its a Flipping Good Time

QIC > Mr. Roboto

PAX Accounted for > Conroy, Sunshine, FNG “Goofy”, Putin, Cardiac, GrapeJuice, Crack, BigEasy.

Conditions @ F3Beaufort Ao = Clear sky, no wind, 57 degrees



Mosey around the Marina

SSH x 20

IW x 20

AC x 10 both ways

Shoulder stretches both arms

TIRE thang

Q retrieves tires from his car x 5; PAX grab a tire, Q grabs shovel flag and we mosey to ampitheater. Let’s go flip some tires.

Q plants flag 30 yards from walkway. Tires on the edge of the grass. Here a DORA. Partner one flips tire to flag then pushes tire back to beginning while partner 2 does exercise then flap-jack till done.

150 Merkins

200 LBCs

250 Squats

Still have time….Q calls partner 1 to run to other side of field and back while partner 2 rabbit hops over tires followed by other #2s. then flap-jack x 1

Still have time…Q calls for partner 1 to run to other side of field for 10 American Hammers and back while partner 2 does tire burpees amrap then flap-jack.

Still have time….Q calls for partner 1 to run to other side of field for 10 Floyd Mayweather Merkins and back while partner 2 does overhead tire presses amrap  then flap-jack.

No time, grab it all and mosey back to AO.


Announcements: Conroy interview coming out in Beaufort News on Sunday. WTG. F3Beaufort is growing.

Prayers: unspoken

Moleskin: There was no OTTER sightings this morning. Saturday workout is in play @ 0700. The tire doesn’t have to be very big to make you tired. BigEasy is recruiting Beaufort PD through traffic citations. GrapeJuice unanimously voted in as F2 social director. FB will be the platform for launching group news.

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