Gates Open

Pax: Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(Respect), Hostillo, harbaugh!, OJ,  Ratatouille(Respect), Cow Bell, Cable Guy(Respect), Swanson, Chigger, Sawed Off, Judge Judy, Adidas(QIC) Conditions: cool, clear, and shooting stars Disclaimer: Not a trained pro. Push yourself, the man next to you, but don’t get hurt. Always pick up the six! Warm o Rama: SSH IC, TTT IC, plank, right … Continue reading Gates Open


PAX: Handy Manny, Ballcock, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(Respect), Hackey Sack, Cable Guy(Respect), Swanson, Chigger, Jeter, Cowbell, Shocker, Adidas-QIC Conditions: It would be dryer in a pool.  Disclaimer: Not a trained Pro, your here to accelerate yourself and the men next to you. Just don’t get hurt!  Warm O Rama: 10 SSH IC, LBAC & Chinnoks … Continue reading AIR RAIDS, SQUATTY POTTY’S, and SKID MARKS…

Memorial Day Murph

Conditions: Slightly humid, otherwise pleasant PAX: Swanson, Peaches, Lombardi (respect), Cockaboose, Judge Judy, Cable Guy (respect), Buckeye, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (respect), Clark (F3DenverNC), Bertha (F3DenverNC), Adidas- QIC Disclaimer: Push hard, don’t get hurt Started with reminder of why we celebrate Memorial Day, why we honor men like Lt. Michael Murphy who was KIA in … Continue reading Memorial Day Murph

OlymPAX Challenge- Winter 2020 Games

Welcome to the first OlymPAX Challenge- Fit Test- Convergence. 25 PAX representing F3 Bluffton, F3 Hilton Head, and F3 Beaufort took on a morning of testing their physical and mental abilities utilizing a fitness test designed by F3 The Fort and all got better. Weather: 66, drizzle, cloudy, windy, gloomy- Perfect QIC: Adidas CO-Q: Wet … Continue reading OlymPAX Challenge- Winter 2020 Games

Festivas, Feats of Strength

14 PAX got better and wetter: Wet Wipes, Urkel, Babby Ruth, Harbaugh!, Lombardi(Respect), Harvey Updyke, Roker, Yo-Yo Ma, Flea, Judge Judy, Sweeney, Dabo, Ball Cock, Adidas- QIC Conditions- Stupid wet, 58, perfect conditions to test the will Disclaimer- not trained, paid, or a pro. At your own risk, push the men around you. Get better! … Continue reading Festivas, Feats of Strength

Pain Pad at What the Buck

PAX: Pig Pin, Wetwipes, Harbaugh! , Joker- respect, Ballcock, Sawed Off, Cowbell, Donut Hole- respect, HardHat, Spaulding, Boomer Sooner, Flea, Yo Yo Ma, Urkel, Coach K, Swanson, Shocker, Cable Guy(FNG), Hacky Sack(FNG),Adidas- Q Weather: Perfect Disclaimer: Push yourself and the men next to you. I am not a trained pro. Modify as needed. Warm Up: … Continue reading Pain Pad at What the Buck

Keep it diverse but simple enough for a 9 year old

12 Pax : Adidas, Harbaugh!, Coach K, Judge Judy, Pig Pen, Shocker, 8 Ball, Roker, Urkel, Yo-Yo Ma, Cow Bell, Wet Wipes QIC Disclaimer : Not trained and barely awake, don't get hurt. Some counts or exercised may be off. 25 SSH : 10 Merkins : 10 Arm circles forward then back : 10 Ranger … Continue reading Keep it diverse but simple enough for a 9 year old