Some Saturday Circuit Training

7/7/18 PAX: Squid, Spaulding, Ambien, Goose (Respect), Spiccoli, Minivan, Crab Cake, Hardhat, Chumbucket, Coo Coo Cachoo, Juilliard (FNG), Hermano, Cookies (Respect), Cube, Shingles, Lamont (Respect), Schnitzel, Bartman-QIC CONDITIONS:  78, light breeze, humid...normal summer morning at the Yacht Club. DISCLAIMER:  Not a trained professional. W/O at your own risk, push yourself, push the guy next to … Continue reading Some Saturday Circuit Training


PAX (Spaulding, Spiccoli, Cookies, Big Easy (Respect), Spagetti-O , Nea Nea, Swanson, Dabo, Squid, Chumbucket, FNG Singlet, Postal, Bartman (Respect), Shingles, Junior Varsity, Hardhat, Go Daddy, Peaches (QIC). Conditions: 55 and Soggy Intro to FNG: Warm Up: Smurf Jacks x 25 IC New Guy you are an FNG today TTT x 15 IC Disclaimer AC … Continue reading BLIMPS Ride

March Madness in the new (and improved) Gloom

March Madness in the New (and improved) Gloom Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer (no FNGs, 1 Visitor ) When: March 13, 2018 QIC: Spaghetti O The PAX: Shingles, Hard Hat, Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Bartman (Respect),  Spalding, Meat Gazer, Narco, Spiccolli, Ambien, Calahan (visiting from Cary), Squid, Urkel Conditions: 41 degrees, overcast with very little wind Warm … Continue reading March Madness in the new (and improved) Gloom

Duke / UNC Part II – Veterans Memorial

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer (1 FNG ) When: March 3, 2018 QIC: Spaghetti O The PAX: Shingles, Chumbucket, Spalding, Meat Gazer, JV, Monkey Humper, Ambien, Spicolli, Narco, FNG – Ken Nadal – Pluto Conditions: 48 degrees, clear and a little windy Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): SSH x 40 (Happy Birthday Hard Hat) IW … Continue reading Duke / UNC Part II – Veterans Memorial