The Chilly Anchor

PAX - Conroy, Crack, Cocky, Grape Juice, Otter, and FNG (Cardiac) Conditions - 40 degrees with a stiff breeze - Much less comfortable than the bed that I occupied 30 min before Warm up - 15 Alternating Toe touches 4 ct - IC Mosey up hill to grassy knoll accross from Sea Island Motel - … Continue reading The Chilly Anchor

Saturdays Are For Couponing

When: 09/02/17 QIC: Michael Bolton The PAX: Conroy, Diapers, Mr Roboto, Bellhop, Cocky, Scuba Steve, Rev (Respect), Chyna (Clayton Wynn-FNG), The Patriot (Bruce Melville-FNG), Michael Bolton (QIC) Conditions: 73 degrees 94% Humidity F3 stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. It’s easy to get someone out for a free workout that's the Fitness, that's why we … Continue reading Saturdays Are For Couponing