PAX (Spaulding, Spiccoli, Cookies, Big Easy (Respect), Spagetti-O , Nea Nea, Swanson, Dabo, Squid, Chumbucket, FNG Singlet, Postal, Bartman (Respect), Shingles, Junior Varsity, Hardhat, Go Daddy, Peaches (QIC). Conditions: 55 and Soggy Intro to FNG: Warm Up: Smurf Jacks x 25 IC New Guy you are an FNG today TTT x 15 IC Disclaimer AC … Continue reading BLIMPS Ride

Masters Week – Tuesday Practice Round

CONDITIONS:  63 degrees, partly cloudy with a light breeze PAX:  Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Postal, Narco, Nare, Wonder Woman, Muck, The Nannie, Spaulding-QIC The Range: Arm Circles x 18 IC (forward and back) TTT x 9 IC Wind Mills x 9 IC SSH x 36 IC Mtn Climbers x 18 OYO Tempo Merkins x 18 OMC LBC's x … Continue reading Masters Week – Tuesday Practice Round

“Eight is Enough”

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer When: March 6, 2018 QIC: Spaulding The PAX: Shingles, Chumbucket, Ambien, Spaghetti O, Postal, Pesci, Squid Conditions: 57 degrees, clear with little wind Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): TTT x 15 Air Chair Arm Exercise (stay in squat position for all four sets) Forward AC x 10 Backward AC x … Continue reading “Eight is Enough”

Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!

2-20-18 PAX: Narco, Hard Hat, Spaghetti O, Shingles, Postal, Junior Varsity, Go Daddy, Squid, Nae Nae, Spicoli, Chumbucket, Spaulding (QIC) Conditions: Clear and 61 degrees....a little muggy Disclaimer: Push yourself and the man next to you but don't get hurt Warm-up: AC (both direction) x 15 IC TTT x 15 IC Tempo Squat x 15 OMC Mosey … Continue reading Tuna, Tuna, Tuna!

Tour of the new parking garage

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer (No FNG's) When: February 6, 2018 QIC: Spaulding The PAX: Shingles, Hard Hat, Chumbucket, Cookies (Respect), Spaghetti O, Postal, Nae Nae, Bartman (Respect), Go Daddy, La-Z-Boy, Conditions: 42 degrees with very little wind Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): AC x 20 (forward and back) TTT x 20 IW x 20 … Continue reading Tour of the new parking garage


CONDITIONS: 36 degrees with little wind, Saturday, January 20th. PAX:  Postal, ChumBucket, Cookies-(Respect), Squid, Hard Hat, Narco, JV, Big Al, Spaulding QIC WARM UP 15 Arm Circles both directions IC 10 Merkins OMC 20 TTT IC 10 Merkins OMC 30 SSH IC 10 Merkins OMC Mosey around the field. THE THANG 10 Derkins Short lap … Continue reading IT FELT WARMER!

Welcome to 2018 MF!

The Yacht Club hosted it's first social gathering of the new year. The attending members were all dressed in all the new workout attire that they received as Christmas gifts...and anything else that they thought may keep them warm. Here's how it went down. CONDITIONS: 25 degrees (dropping to 24 by the end) with wind … Continue reading Welcome to 2018 MF!

Yacht Club Red Barchetta

PAX: Narco, Pesci, Cookies (Respect), Spaghetti-O, Shingles, Go Daddy, JV, Dabo, Bartman (Respect), Chumbucket, Meatgazer, Spalding, Squid, Postal, Hard Hat, Peaches (QIC) Conditions:  55 and Humid YHC signed up for this Q a few weeks back to get back to the Yacht club after #Kiawah and to offer a beatdown on his B-day.  Shingles offered some words … Continue reading Yacht Club Red Barchetta