9/28/2020 The BrigWeather: Mid 70's high humidityPAX: Goose (Q 3x respect), Chumbucket, Hardhat, Radar, MiniVan(Respect), Musk(Respect), Snipe, Cavelerro, Tubbs, Swanson, Brutus, Earhardt, Neutron(2xrespect), Bartman(respect)NON-PAX (PAX that did not show up) Spaulding Intro/ disclaimerWarmup: IC x 10TTTWindmillHBMPSSHThe Thang:Merkin/ Squat mile - Stop every 1/4 mile and do 20 merkins and 20 squatsBacl to AO each PAX … Continue reading Goosed


Temp: 60 and perfectPAX:9Nae-Nae, Squid(Respect), Radar, Neutron (Respect 2x), Earhart, Mini-Van(Respect), Spaudling (Respect), All Right - All Right (Welcome), Brutus (Q) Warm up:Good mornings (bent over @waist)    10    ICTTT            10        ICImperial Walkers    10        ICHillbillies        10        ICSSH             20        ICInch Worms        8         OYO Mosey to Basketball Court behind the Island Rec Center Arm Circles - Forward 10 … Continue reading BRUTUSWITHTHEQ

Merkins, merkins, merkins

Conditions: low 70's humidity creeping up PAX: MiniVan(Q-Respect), Spaulding(Respect), Neutron(Respectx2 - North Augusta) Radar, Snipe(Welcome back) Warmup: Short mosey, 10xTTT, 10xACF, 10XACB The Thang: Mosey to HH Elementary11’s Dips and MerkinsMosey to HH High School11’s Pull-ups and leg lifts (If you can do your pull ups add that total to leg lift)Mosey to HH Middle … Continue reading Merkins, merkins, merkins