Bert is Back…

07/31/19 @ MOB PAX: Toothless, Joker, Gambit, Buckeye, Cowbell, Peaches, Ollie, Stones, Swanson, Floride, Sparrow, Diapers, Romo, Rachel Ray, Squealer, Dabo(QIC) Conditions 75 deg –with Humidity is Back Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk. Modify as needed but get your reps, push the guy next to you Warm-up: SSH x 25 The Thang: The Bert … Continue reading Bert is Back…

13’s for Tiger – Take That Koepka

Conditions:  Breezy, 60ish degrees PAX: Swanson, Big Spur, Cowbell, Ballcock, Daipers, Kiffin, Rachel Ray, Gump, QIC Stones Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional.  Exercise at your own risk. Warmup: SSH x 25 IC, TTH x 20 IC, AC Froward x 10 IC, AC Backward x 10 IC, Indian Run to COTC The Thang: 13's … Continue reading 13’s for Tiger – Take That Koepka

Tryers with Blocks

3/2/19 MOB workoutPAX: Peaches, Dabo, Puddy, Slim Shady, Boomer, Diapers(QIC) Conditions: upper 50s and still....sand gnat heaven!! Disclaimer: Looks can be deceiving - QIC is not a trained professional trainer...of anything.  Participate at your own risk but if you do participate, push one tryers! Warmup: SSH IC x 30 TTT x 15 IC IW x 15 IC … Continue reading Tryers with Blocks

The old Deck of Delight

When: 11/20/17 QIC:  Diapers The PAX:  Chumbucket, Crop Duster, Dabo, Swanson, Cubby, Squid, Gator Bait Conditions: 48 Cool Disclaimer Warm-up: SSC x 30 TTT x 20 EW x 20 AC x 50 Take a lap IC (unless otherwise stated) The Thang: Deck of Delight Dabo steals Q first time suggesting moving to BBall court - no objections. … Continue reading The old Deck of Delight