August 14, 2018 @ The Yacht Club PAX: Judy, Big Spur, Ray, Gambit, Swanson, Kiffin, Hostello, Diapers (QIC) Conditions:  57ish  - nice.... Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you Warmup: SSH x 40 IC until Kiffin gets in circle TTT x 12 IC Imperial Walkers x 20 IC Arm … Continue reading MOB BOMBS

Amrapper’s Delight

Conditions: Cool Pax: Gump, Chomp, FNG Chris Al Gore, Romo, Swanson, Gambit, Black Lung, Meat Gazer, Buckeye, Boomer Sooner, Sawed Off, Hostello, Moped, Mr Clean, Big Perm, Madoff, Urkel, Soulfinger, Judge Judy, 12 Gauge, QIC Stones Warmup: SSH x 30 IC Arm circles forward x 15 IC Arm circles backward x 15 IC Mosey to COTC … Continue reading Amrapper’s Delight