Brig Challenge

Date:10/19/2020 MOnday at The Brig Weather: 60's, low humidity, slight breeze, perfect weather PAX: MiniVan(Q-R), Bartman(R), Spaulding (R), Goose(3R), Chumbucket, Hardhat, Earhardt, Brutus, Tubbs, Hermanos, Big Al NO SHOW PAX: Squid (After a social media HC) Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC, Lunge Walk, Squatx10IC, MPx10IC - Mosey warmup lap The Thang: The Brig Challenge … Continue reading Brig Challenge

Tire pull

July 1, 2020 The Brig PAX: MiniVan, Snipe, Radar, Hermanos, Spaulding, Swanson, Schnitzel Weather: 78, slight breeze Welcome, intro blah blah blah Warmup: TTT X 10 IC / Mosey to cornerACF, ACB and Air Presses x 10 IC / Backpedal to cornerMosey to stop signIW & HB x 10 IC / Mosey to SFThe Thang100 … Continue reading Tire pull


Welcome, intro, disclaimer blah blah blah The Brig: Wednesday January 15, 2020. 65 Degrees partly cloudy, perfect weather!PAX: MiniVan (Q), Radar, Schnitzel (respect), Hermanos, Spaghetti-oWarmup (IC)10 x TTT10 x IW10 X HBMosey to middle school lotSuicidesbackpedal, carioca, carioca, backpedalMosey to High School lotLoop through lot mosey "away" from school and hard run back to curb1 … Continue reading Flagless

Elf on the Shelf

PAX: MiniVan (Q-Respect), Radar, Spaulding, HardHat, Hermanos, Sharapova Weather: 41, calm and clear - perfect beanie weather Disclaimer: not trained, push yourself and the guy next to you WarmupTTT x 10 - The Brig never starts with SSHIW x 10HB X 10SSH X 10The Thang:10 x Groiners, squats, flutters(2 count) hello dollyMosey at 5k pace … Continue reading Elf on the Shelf

Spauldings Tired

Welcome & Disclaimer Wednesday, November 20Conditions: 49, clear skies perfect F3 weather for the LowCountry!PAX: MiniVan (Q-respect), Radar, Hardhat, Hermanos, Nae Nae, Goose (Respect x2) Warmup ICTTT x 10ACF x 10ACB x10IW x 15SSH x 15 The Thang:Mosey to BB courtsCarioca SuicidesBack Pedal SuicidesMosey to school lotCarioca SuicidesBack pedal suicidesMosey to high school lot Snake … Continue reading Spauldings Tired

Town Property

70 degrees low humidity Intro/ Disclaimer/ Welcome PAX: MiniVan (Q) Brutus, Hardhat, Spaulding, Musk, Radar, Hermanos, Nae Nae and Bartman (respect) - But we really don't know how long Bartman was there... Warmup: 10 TTT (IC) Continue refusal to start with SSH / 10 IW/ 10 HB / 25yard carioca/ 25 yard carioca reverse / … Continue reading Town Property

The Yacht Club Playground Tour

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer When: October 22, 2019 QIC: Spaghetti-O The PAX: Chumbucket, Ambien (respect), Hard Hat, Spaulding, Goose (respect, respect), Lamont (respect), Hermanos, Radar, Schnitzel (respect), Subprime, Beater, Warm Water (Cleveland) Conditions: 72 Degrees & humid Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): SSH x 50 Through the Tunnel x 10 Imperial Walker x 15 … Continue reading The Yacht Club Playground Tour

10-14-19 The Brig

PAX: MIniVan (Q), Ambien(respect), Squid, Spaulding, Wet Wipes, Dabo, Peaches, Goose(respectx2), Schnitzel(respect), Spaghetti-o, JV, Chumbucket, Hermanos, Mandles(Atlanta) Conditions: 72 low humidity, rain. Disclaimer: Untrained, push yourself, push the guy next to you Warmup: TTT IC x 9 (supposed to be 10...)IW IC x 10 HB IC x 10 The ThangThe Q has 3 workouts to … Continue reading 10-14-19 The Brig

Squid drive by!

10.05.19 @ The Yacht Club PAX:  Ambien, Chumbucket, Minivan, Brutus, Radar, JV, Hermanos, Goose, Spaulding-QIC Conditions:  72 degrees with just a little humidity Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you.  We are here to get a little sharper and stronger today. Warmup: SSH x 10 IC TTT x 10 … Continue reading Squid drive by!