5 man co-Q

PAX: Compost (co-Q), Moped (co-Q), Mr. Clean (co-Q), Grayson Allen (co-Q), Coach K (co-Q) At 9pm last night the forecast was 90% chance of rain in The Gloom.  I guess most PAX are either scared of rain or on spring break.  As Grayson and YHC pulled into the parking lot at 5:05am we noticed there … Continue reading 5 man co-Q

The return of the coupon

YHC has been contemplating bring back coupons to the workouts for a while, but having purchased Blocks multiple times and they seem to disappear  from the AO, I put it  off. No longer! Blocks are back! It adds a little variation to the workouts and gives some more options to vary some of out normal … Continue reading The return of the coupon

Be There and Be Square!

August 1, 2017 F3Bluffton - #theBuck PAX: Soulfinger, Scissorhands, Madoff, Whippoorwill, Slick Rick (Respect), Coach K, Grayson, Cropduster, Michael Bolton, Judge Judy, Chomp, Simpson, Ray, Ballcock, Paladin, Dwight, Mr. Clean, Handy Manny, Joker, Stones, FloRide, Urkel (QIC) Summer has left YHC with a bit of withdrawal in the mathematical department. My time at school tends … Continue reading Be There and Be Square!