DORACIDES at the Brig

Squid, Dabo, Minivan, Shingles, Bartman (Respect), Brutus, Peaches,  Stumps, Cardinal,  Nae Nae, Cookies (Respect)   Warmup 25 SSH         25 Windmills        20 Arm Circles     25 Imperial Walkers Mosey to the LDS Church Parking lot THE THANG DORACIDES (Dora’s crazy sister) Each person runs suicides while partner exercises (X2) before moving to the next exercise (not … Continue reading DORACIDES at the Brig

PMS – in the garage

July 10, 2018 PAX:  Bartman, Squid, MiniVan, Cookies, Cardinal, Hermano, Hard Hat, Chumbucket, Shingles, Spicoli, Nae Nae, Goose, Sub Prime, Crab Cake, Cube, Duffle, Weinstein, Lamont, Schnitzel, OJ(Atlanta), Alcoa(Louisville), Spaulding (QIC) Conditions:  83 with 90% Humidity Disclaimer: W/O at your own risk, push yourself and the guy next to you Warmup: SSH x 25 IC Arm … Continue reading PMS – in the garage

Highway 66….1 year later

June 26, 2018 PAX:  Spicoli, Compost, Singlet, Little Sweet (Hickory, NC), Crab Cake, Duffel, Peaches, Spaghetti O, Squid, Radar, Snipe (2.0), Sub Prime, Slick, Tramp Stamp, Hard Hat, Weinstein, Beater, Goose(Respect), Cardinal, Narco, Shingles, Dough Boy (Gastonia, NC), Go Daddy, Chumbucket, Cookies(Respect), Nae Nae, Minivan, Capt. Crunch, Bartman(Respect), Lamont-FNG(Respect), Spaulding(QIC) Conditions:  74 with 80% Humidity Disclaimer: … Continue reading Highway 66….1 year later

How’d those blocks get here?

June 2, 2018 PAX:  Bartman, Squid, MiniVan, Cookies, Cardinal, Brutus, Willie Willy, Hermano, Goo goo g'joob (2.0 FNG), Capt. Crunch, Jitterbug (2.0 FNG), Dark Helmet (Fort Mill, SC), Spaulding (QIC) Conditions:  75 with 90% Humidity Disclaimer: W/O at your own Risk, push yourself and the guy next to you Warmup: SSH x 25 IC TTT x … Continue reading How’d those blocks get here?

Welcome to 2018 MF!

The Yacht Club hosted it's first social gathering of the new year. The attending members were all dressed in all the new workout attire that they received as Christmas gifts...and anything else that they thought may keep them warm. Here's how it went down. CONDITIONS: 25 degrees (dropping to 24 by the end) with wind … Continue reading Welcome to 2018 MF!

Yacht Club Red Barchetta

PAX: Narco, Pesci, Cookies (Respect), Spaghetti-O, Shingles, Go Daddy, JV, Dabo, Bartman (Respect), Chumbucket, Meatgazer, Spalding, Squid, Postal, Hard Hat, Peaches (QIC) Conditions:  55 and Humid YHC signed up for this Q a few weeks back to get back to the Yacht club after #Kiawah and to offer a beatdown on his B-day.  Shingles offered some words … Continue reading Yacht Club Red Barchetta