Still humid…

PAX: Ballcock, Harbaugh, Maddoff, Big Easy, Ray, Coach K (QIC) 6 PAX strolled into the gloom at @thebuck this morning.  No Q on the sheet so YHC with no plan reluctantly volunteered at 5:15am. Weather: Still humid Disclaimer: same as always. Warm Up: SSH x 50 IC (thought that would give enough time to come … Continue reading Still humid…

Old Towne Dippin Derkin Stroll

Location & Time: MC Riley aka the Rake aka MOB @0515 Conditions: Swamp-like PAX present: Gambit, Judge Judy, 12 Gauge, Wet Wipes, Peaches, Swanson, YHC/BigEasy PAX not present: Dabo (out with back issues from moving furniture), Stones was not there due to...well whatever, FloRide, Sawed Off, Ballcock, Cubby, Sparrow, Diapers, Gump, Squealer, Simpson, Food Stamps, … Continue reading Old Towne Dippin Derkin Stroll

There and back again

Welcome, Intro and Disclaimer When: September 20, 2018 QIC: Spaghetti-O The PAX: Snookie, Chumbucket, Squid, Brutus, Narco, Singlet, Spaulding, Big Easy, Bartman, Meat Gazer, Cardinal, Hermanos, MiniVan, Goose, Nae Nae, Beater Conditions: 80 degrees and freshly mowed in concentric cirlces Warm Up (IC unless noted otherwise): SSH x 20 Burpees x 10 (Big Easy) Imperial … Continue reading There and back again

Moving 10/10 (without Judy)

PAX: Buckeye, Stones, Chumbucket, Diapers, Hard Hat, Spaulding, Ray, Dabo, Peaches, Big Easy, Gambit (QIC) 11 PAX pulled themselves from the fartsack this morning for some humpday fun. YHC is constantly amazed at how so many PAX have their travel time to the #MOB down to the minute. 5 PAX there at 0513, 11 by … Continue reading Moving 10/10 (without Judy)

Introducing “The Squid”

May 14, 2018 Conditions: High 60's, fabulous PAX: Joker, Yo-Yo Ma, Swanson, Chumbucket, Big Easy (Respect), Ray, Compost, Mad Dog, Diapers, Peaches, Halfback, Urkel (QIC) Welcome: This workout was copied from Squid, if it sucks, blame him! Disclaimer: Push yourself, don't hurt yourself! Warm Up: Mosey to the corner of Bridge and Pritchard SSH IC … Continue reading Introducing “The Squid”

Abe Vigoda’s spirit present at Beaufort AO

AO:  Beaufort City Marina Time: 0700 Weather: lovely. 55 degrees, Wind NE 10mph QIC: Big Easy PAX on Deck: Baby Shoes, EEEE, Conroy, Crack, Mr. Roboto YHC arrives with flag 3 minutes to go. Barely made it through the night with some kind of weird virus. I explain that perseverance is the key. Don't wait to … Continue reading Abe Vigoda’s spirit present at Beaufort AO

Big Ball’s in BUCKtown

BIG BALLS IN COWTOWN  <<<VIDEO LINK When: 03/20/2018 QIC: Ball Cock The PAX: BIG Perm, BIG Spur, BIG Easy, BIG Joker, BIG Urkel, BIG Ball Cock (QIC). 6 PAX took their DRP, ignored the relentless weather reports of impending doom, and got BIG at the Buck. With Big Easy joining us today, we had the … Continue reading Big Ball’s in BUCKtown

Post Delta Flight Workout

Location: The Anchor - @ the lovely downtown Beaufort City Marina Conditions: Clear, Windy and 55 degrees QIC: BigEasy PAX: Putin, Crack, Otter(Respect), Grape juice, EEEEE, Mr. Roboto, Cardiac(Respect). YHC coming in hot @ 0530. I felt like I had been shot out of a gun due to being trapped in Atlanta for 6 hours … Continue reading Post Delta Flight Workout

No purple for Paladin, but there is an ornament!

12-5-2017 Back on Labor Day Weekend Wofford and Furman met in the South's Oldest Football Rivalry. Paladin and I had a friendly wager that the person whose team lost would have to wear the winning school's t-shirt and take the Q at the following workout at #theBuck. Enter the playoffs at the end of the … Continue reading No purple for Paladin, but there is an ornament!