PI Day Q

PAX:  Hard Hat, Stones, Swanson, Spaulding, Chumbucket, Compost, Dabo, TP, Ballcock, Big Spur, Animal, Judy, Harvey, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: 48 and Calm Disclaimer: Push yourself, Push the man next to you, (Dabo arrives late with Flag) Warm Up: SSH x 25 IC TTT x 15 IC AC x 15 IC (Both ways) IPW x 15 … Continue reading PI Day Q


16 PAX for a typical Judy AMRAP: Swanson, Hard Hat, Urkel, Gambit, Ray, Spaulding, Bartman, Diapers, Peaches, Chumbucket, Animal, Stubbs, Kiffin, Joker, Blue Jeans, Judge Judy Disclaimer SSH x 25 TTT x 20 AC x 25 1 m w/ paced JB AMRAP: the loop (counterclockwise for Peaches) 5 burpees, 10 AST, 15 Merkins. RR AMRAP: … Continue reading AMRAP x 2

A frosty morning stack

PAX: Peaches, Dwight, Kiffin, Buckeye, Joker, Urkel, Animal, Chumbucket, Ray, Diapers, Swanson, Bartman (Respect), Gambit (QIC) Conditions: 31 degrees with a nice crusty frost on the field Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk. Modify as needed Warm-up (IC unless otherwise stated): Mosey 1 lap (0.3mi) then circle back up for TTT x 15,  Hand release … Continue reading A frosty morning stack

Modified Murph

YHC has been running more lately vs. upper body, so what better way to change that than offer a Reverse Judge Judy Q. PAX: Animal, Gambit, Ray, Chumbucket, Bartman (Respect), Stones, Swanson, Judge Judy, Ballcock, Flowride, Peaches (QIC) Conditions: 44 Degrees, no wind Disclaimer: Work at your own risk...... Warm Up: TTT x 15 IC AC … Continue reading Modified Murph

Running Elevens

19 PAX. Blue Jeans, Animal, Gambit, Gump, Joker, Dabo, Chumbucket, Bartman, Big Perm, Kiffin, Stones, Ball Cock, Ray, Dwight, Peaches, Swanson, Scissor Hands, Squealer, YHC Cold. Disclaimer. W/U SSH IC x 20 TTT IC x 20 AC IC x 25 The Thang/Run 11s 1 burpee run .23 mile 10 Starbursts...10 burpees run .23 mile 1 … Continue reading Running Elevens