Date:9/9/2020 Wednesday at The MOB Weather: Mid 70's, rain held off until finished PAX: MiniVan(Q-Respect), Sawed Off, Handy Manny, Big Spur, Rachel Ray, McFlurry, Swanson, Romo, Buckeye, Duece Bigelo, Peaches Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, MPx10IC Mosey to the bus loop The Thang: The Brig Challenge (Virtual workout during quarantine)10 x 2-count windsheild wipers - … Continue reading 9920@TheMOB


9/8/20 - The Buck: clear skies, low humidity, mid 70's PAX: MiniVan(Q-Respect), Swanson, Cable Guy (Respect), SMKG(Respect), Roker, Wet Wipes, Ray, Hacky Sack, Hostillo, McFlurry, Lombardi(Respect) WarmUp: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, 10 Burpees. Late arrival = 10 Burpees. Mosey a short distance IWx10IC, HBx10IC, 10 Burpees, Mosey a short distance 10 Burpees, Mosey to main entrance … Continue reading 9820TheBuck


Date: 9/7/2020 PAX: Schnitzel (Respect), Ambien(respect), Bartman(Respect), MiniVan(Q-Respect), Brutus, Big Al, Nacho Libre (Visitor-Alpha) Warmup: TTTx10IC, ACFx10IC, ACBx10IC, IWx10IC, HBx10IC The Thang: Run over to our covered walkway in case of a sudden downpour11's with Merkins and Groiners at 1st endIf you come across a tire either flip it to the next post or if … Continue reading 9720@TheBrig

Wake me up when 2020 ends…

Ten PAX gathered knowing what they were up against this morning.  It was humid and wet.  The Men were not deterred.  YHC packed his gear, "gadgets", and set up shop. DATE: 1SEP20 PAX: SPAGHETTI-O, GOOSE (3XRESPECT), SCHNITZEL (RESPECT), MINIVAN (RESPECT), BRUTUS, EARHARDT, MARIO, BARTMAN (RESPECT), AMBIEN (RESPECT) QIC: JUNIOR VARSITY IRON PAX Challenge Week 1 … Continue reading Wake me up when 2020 ends…


Date: 08/31/2020 (Last day of August) QIC:  Cockaboose PAX:  Deuce Bigalow, Rachel Ray, McFlurry, Peaches, Buckeye, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher, Cable Guy, Kiffin, Sawed-Off, Cowbell, Swanson, Wet Wipes, Cockaboose – QIC Conditions:  Steamy, Literal steam coming off the PAX Disclaimer: YHC is not a trained professional. Work out at your own risk. Support your brother beside you. Modify if needed, … Continue reading La-La-Bamba