Heads and shoulders knees and toes

AO: buck Pax: Madoff, big perm, snowflake, Joker, big spur, Scrappy, Dabo, brokeback, Oracle, Yo Yo Ma, Handy Manny, Buckeye, Coach K Conditions balmy 75 degrees light sprinkle. Warm up: jumping jacks, windmills, through the tunnel, Imperial walkers, little baby arm circles. The thing:   Upper Body: 10 pull ups 10 chin up with spotters … Continue reading Heads and shoulders knees and toes

Did We Just Start with Mary?

62 degrees and quite Pleasant. 10 packs on Deck this a.m. at 5:15 Sawed-off, Ray, Madoff, Mr. Clean, Urkel, Yo-Yo Ma, Handy Manny, Chomp,FlowRide, Big Perm(head cheerleader) Warm-ups: jumping jacks, through the tunnel, windmills, little baby arm circles, Imperial walkers,   The thing: Ab work.... horizontal imperial Walker, 20 big boys, 20 flutter kicks, 6 … Continue reading Did We Just Start with Mary?

Climb the Latter

6 PAX: Mr Clean, Dabo, Urkel, Micheal Bolton, Yo Yo Ma, Big Perm Conditions: Breezy 24(wind chill=13) The Thang: Immediately went to Burpees to generate warmth. 17-1 for each wind chill degree(actually discovered layer it was 13) Took a mosey over to the tennis courts where we climbed up and down the rungs of the … Continue reading Climb the Latter

Bleachers ain’t just for spectating

9.19.17 YHC: VQ... Big Perm Pax: Mr.,Clean, Chomp, Big Spur, Soul Glow, Deez Nuts, Doo doo, Scissor Hands, Bilbow Baggins, Dwight, Handy Mandy, Soul Finger, Toothless, Crop Duster, Joker, Dabo, Sawed off, Yankem, Ray, Gas Mask, Coach K, Moped, Paladin, Madoff, FNG's: Dave Ramsey, Cream, Leaky, Backdraft Warm up: 25 side straddle hop 15 thru … Continue reading Bleachers ain’t just for spectating