Sweaty Fertilizer

PAX: Gambit, Buckeye, Peaches, Kiffin, Big Spur, Deuce Bigalow, Cockaboose, Cowbell, Swanson, Cable Guy, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher, Sawed Off, FNG McFlurry, Squealer (QIC) Conditions: 7th level of hell Disclaimer: Push yourself, push the guy next to you. Not a trained professional, don't get hurt. Warm Up: SSH (IC) x 25 TTT (IC) x 10 BAC (IC) x … Continue reading Sweaty Fertilizer

HC for the BC?

14 PAX showed up for some Wednesday fun.   PAX:  Gambit, Big Spur, Sawed Off, Buckeye, Rachel Ray, Swanson, Ray, Peaches, Cockaboose, OJ, Cowbell, Stones, Judge Judy, Squealer (QIC)   Disclaimer: I'm not trained in any way.  Push yourself, push your friends, don't get hurt and don't blame me.   Warm Up:   SSH (IC) x … Continue reading HC for the BC?

Febreze on the Field

PAX:  Peaches, Urkle, Swanson, Chumbucket, Animal, Stones, 12 Gauge, Dabo, Judge Judy, Gambit, Cubby, Squid, Boomer Sooner, Diapers, Squealer (QIC).   Conditions:  54, clear skies, 89% humidity, nice lowcountry winter morn   Disclaimer:  YHC is not a trained professional, work out at your own risk and push yourself.   Warm Up: SSH x 30 IC Febreze:  2 … Continue reading Febreze on the Field