When Cindy met Spur

Conditions: 45, Clear, Winds North by Northwest 3 knots PAX: GATA, Peaches, Buckeye, Cable Guy (Respect), SMKG (Respect), Porky, Ballcock, Deuce Bigalow, Big Spur, Cockaboose, Yukon, Cowbell, Swanson (Q) Warm O Rama: TTT, Windmills, IW, Arm Circles The Thang: Partner Up at Cindy’s house and picked her up for a date around Old Town. Partners … Continue reading When Cindy met Spur


QIC:  Swanson PAX:  Cable Guy (Respect), Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher (Respect), Cowbell, Sawed Off, Monroe, Harbaugh!, Ballcock, Hackysack, Lombardi (Respect) Conditions:   37 degrees, and Ballcock was sleeveless. Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, modify where necessary. Don’t get hurt, Warm-up: TTT x 10 IC HB x 10 IC Windmills x 10 … Continue reading Choices

I Thought You Were A Planner

Pax: Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(Respect), Hostillo, Cow Bell, Cable Guy(Respect), Chigger, Judge Judy, Shocker, Stones, Whippoorwill, Lombardi (Respect), Ballcock, Hacky Sack, Big Spur, Handy Manny, Floride, McFlurry and Swanson (Site Q) Conditions: 68 Degrees, a few tears from heaven early on Disclaimer: Not a trained pro. Push yourself, the man next to you, but don’t … Continue reading I Thought You Were A Planner

Back to School

BACK TO SCHOOL Conditions: 71 degrees, clear'ish skies, minimal lowcountry humidity (98%), light wind coming from the NNE at 6-7 knots PAX:  Wet Wipes, Judge Judy, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher (Respect), Checkers, Cable Guy (Respect), Shocker, Chigger, Ray, Lombardi (Respect), Toothless, Sawed Off, Floride (Cotter), Jack Sparrow, Cow Bell, Roker, Peanut, Swanson (QIC) Disclaimer: I'm … Continue reading Back to School