Stations of the Loop

4.8.21 - The Yacht Club 18 PAX on deck. PAX: Earhart (QIC), JV, Eli (R), Clancy (R), NaeNae, Bartman (R), Lutefisk (V), Screen Time (V), Mail Order (V), Hardhat, Spaghetti-O, Pound Dog (V), Ball Boy (V), Schnitzel (R), Scratch Off (V), Liz Claiborne (R), Radar, Spaulding (R). Conditions: 60ish, light humidity and a slight breeze. … Continue reading Stations of the Loop

PAR 3 Challenge for Master’s Wednesday

4.7.2021 CONDITIONS: 54 degrees, still, clear...PERFECT! PAX: Bartman (R), Earhart, NaeNae, Hardhat, Spaulding (R), Scratch Off (DR), Radar, Schnitzel (R), Brutus, Ambien (R), Tubbs, Mini Van (R), Squid (R)-QIC NOTE: As the PAX assembled, NaeNae gave an account of the prior day's attempt to fish that was shut down by uncooperative weather. Earhart has declared … Continue reading PAR 3 Challenge for Master’s Wednesday


3.7.21 PAX: Yoda (organizer), Shingles (title sponsor), Lamont, Ne Ne, Lombardi, Cockaboose, Jethro, Tubbs, Laetner, Squid DISCLAIMER: Don't get lost or run over WARM UP: OYO THANG: Quarter marathon participants should cover a distance or 6.5mi by running a pre-determined loop up Dune Lane and return along North Forest Beach Dr, passing through the park … Continue reading ALLIANCE ROOFING HALF MARATHON & QUARTER MARATHON

Fat Tuesday Warm-Up

2.16.21 CONDITIONS: 59 degrees, cloudy and humid, SSW 5-7kts PAX: Brutus, Earhart, Gekko (RR), Spaulding (R), Clancy, Chumbucket, Eli (R), Tubbs, Ambien (R), Spaghetti-O, Squid (r)-QIC SPECIAL NOTE: #TYC SF did not show; speculation says it was in the back of Schnitzel's SUV, parked in his driveway, because he was busy planning an impromptu Fat … Continue reading Fat Tuesday Warm-Up

Blessed with a big deck.

1.23.21 CONDITIONS: 46 degrees, partial cloud cover, winds light and variable PAX: Earhart, NeNe, Hardhat (ON A SAT!), Spaghetti-O, Spaulding (respect), Gecko (respect x 2), Eli, Junior Varsity, Brutus, Schnitzel (respect), Chumbucket, Squid-QIC DISCLAIMER: WARM UP: TTT, AC (fwd/reverse), Phelps, Review of F3 Mission Statement, slow mosey around K-roger to the pavillion. THANG: We worked … Continue reading Blessed with a big deck.