Good 4 Goose, Good 4 U!

8 Pax were lead on a wild Goose chase this morning at The Yacht Club. Goose (Respect x3) QIC; Jake Brake (welcome! from NC); FNG -> Earhart; Brutus; Chumbucket; Hostillo; Ambien; & YHC Schnitzel. Temp: 82, Humidity: off the chart Warmup: 10x TTT, 25x SSH, 15x ACF, 15x ACR, 15x IW The Thang: Mosey to … Continue reading Good 4 Goose, Good 4 U!

The MURPH…Modified

PAX: Spicoli (Respect), Mini Van (Respect), Ambien (Respect), Banjo (visitor), Spaulding (Respect), Brutus QIC: Nae Nae CONDITIONS: Low 70's, Humidity...Sock Ringer Level WARM UP: Arm Circles Forward x 15 SSH x 15 IW x 15 Arm Circles Back x 15 Michael Phelps x 15 TTT x 15 THE THANG: Short mosey to the playground and … Continue reading The MURPH…Modified