Chasing our EQV

9.7.19 CONDITIONS: 76, clear, still... PAX: Smog, Hardhat, Spaulding, Bartman, Ambien, Spicoli, Chumbucket, Brutus, Schnitzel, Ne Ne, Squid-QIC DISCLAIMER: WARM UP:'s warm enough. THANG: Merkin Mile (YHC assumed that the bike paths were clear of debris but did not check...rookie mistake. Sorry Spaulding). Once back to the playground, PAX line up and complete the called exercise … Continue reading Chasing our EQV

WhiffleBall 2019

6.8.19 CONDITIONS: 75 degrees, Partly cloudy Mostly Humid with a chance of a breeze. PAX: (14) Squid/QIC, Mini-Van, JV? Ambien, Laettner, Nae-Nae, FNG(Mr. Pickles), Craft, Hard Hat, Chumbucket, Spaghetti-O, Spaulding, Spigoli(respect), Brutus/QIC WARM UP: Good Mornings - 10 IC Abe Pagoda’s (Slow Windmills) - 10 IC Neck Circles - 10 IC Arm Circles (Forward, Palms … Continue reading WhiffleBall 2019

No shoulders, no shoes, no worries

DATE: 5.13.19 CONDITIONS: 74 degrees, still, high humidity PAX: Smog, Cookies, Radar, Schnitzel, Junior Varsity, Spicoli, MiniVan, Spaulding, Hardhat, Brutus, Hermanos (honorable mention for showing up), Squid-QIC Hermanos announces that he has forgotten his shoes and refuses to participate barefooted. DISCLAIMER: There is no trained/certified person present, you are participating at your own risk. WARM UP: Slow Mosey … Continue reading No shoulders, no shoes, no worries


DATE: 4.20.19 CONDITIONS: 54 degrees, SW 0-5kts intermittent, partly cloudy PAX: Bartman, Cookies, Chumbucket, Puppy Chow-DR, Trucker-DR, Heat Stroke-DR, Brutus, JV, Goose, Smog, Spaulding, Squid-QIC WELCOME/DISCLAIMER: The Q is not certified and hardly qualified to lead here; you are working out at your own risk. WARM UP:  SSH x 25 IC TTT x 10 IC  (Heat Stroke had to … Continue reading HAPPY EASTER!

DATE: 4.8.19 CONDITIONS: 63 degrees, still and foggy...hello humidity PAX: Cookies, Brutus, Hermanos, Smog, Spaulding, Spicoli, Squid-QIC WARM UP: -Short mosey -TTT x 10 IC -IW x 15 IC -Mosey to basketball court behind Isl Rec Ctr THANG: -Suicide w/ Sumo Squats x 5 ea visit to the baseline -Mosey to Athletic Ofc parking lot, Flutters x 25, … Continue reading


Date: 4/4/19 PAX: Ambien, Brutus (5:16), JV, Cardinal, Squid, Goose, Spaghetti-o, Musk, Chumbucket, MiniVan(Q) Conditions: Clear, Crisp, 49 degrees, no breeze - Spicoli would have loved the stars ● 10 Burpees for 5:16 arrival Disclaimer: Untrained - push yourself, push the guy next to you Warmup: ● SSH x 11 ● TTT x 10 ● … Continue reading Ladders