I count down, you count the rep up.

Hacky Sack Chigger Hostillo Wet wipes Ball Cock Handy Manny Shocker Cable Guy Judy (QIC) Weather: Slight cool breeze with little to no humidity. SSH x 25 AC x 25 TTT x 25 Tempo Merkin x 10  Merkin x 10 Squat x 10 Tempo Squat x 10 D of D:   Tempo Merkin (Spades) Merkin … Continue reading I count down, you count the rep up.

Chasing Buckeye

Toothless, Compost, Peaches, Big Spur, Squealer, Buckeye, Judge Judy Conditions: Perfect. Disclaimer ish. w/u SSH x 10, 2M, AC x 10, 4M, AC (Rev) x 10, 6M, TTT x 10, 8M, Limp Windmill x 10, 10M, SSH x 10, 12M, AC x 10, 14M, AC (Rev) x 10, 16M, TTT x 10, 18M, Limp Windmill … Continue reading Chasing Buckeye

Gambit Lombardi (Respect) Hair Clog Dabo Yo-Yo Ma Urkel OJ Swanson Rachel Ray Big spur Chubby Bunny Cowbell Judge Judy (QIC) Not present: Peaches Conditions: Perfect SSH x 20, AC x 30, TTTx10, Mosey to OFP, 11s Starburst/Merkins, Mosey to AO, 10x10, TM x 15 Announcements: Less than two months before P 200. Get.to.work. Don't let your … Continue reading

The Squid CSAUP

25 PAX gathered at the old shrimp boat MOB AO at 5:00 am for Jacob's Ladder. The conditions were absolutely perfect. PAX: Peaches, Dabo, Joker, Big Spur, Buckeye, Gambit, Whippoorwill , Updike, Stones, Swanson, Squealer, Sawed Off, Judy, Diapers, Chumbucket , Goose, Big Al, JV, Schnitzel, MiniVan, Bartman, Cullen (FNG), Sanchez (FNG), Collins (FNG), Yoda After a quick disclaimer, story time, and trying to figure out why JV was in attendance, the PAX got to it. The Squid: Jacob's Ladder to 20. … Continue reading The Squid CSAUP