bombs at the buck

15 PAX on the coldest day of the year. I forgot my phone so failed on the PAX list. Flea was there and that’s all that really matters. WO: SSH AC TTT WM - BOMBS AMRAP  - TM Announcements - F3 Dance Party this Saturday, 6-9 at Poseidon on HHI. RSVP ASAP (as in by tomorrow) with Squealer. … Continue reading bombs at the buck

Jacob’s Ladder

Adidas, Shocker, Ray, Hacky Sack, Big Spur, Cowbell, Swanson, Cable Guy, Roker, Sister..., Boy Exotic, Chigger, Handy Manny, Ball Cock, Hostillo, Judge Judy Temp: 65 degrees, little to no humidity, cool breeze from the East and West. SSH x 10 2M AC x 10 4M AC x 10 6M TTT x 10 8 M Windmill … Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder

10 x 10

Cowbell Big Spur Shocker Kiffin Buckeye Gambit Squealer Stones psh! Peaches Ray Sawed Off Cockaboose Adidas Judy (QIC) Conditions: no breeze. miserable humidity. weeds. SSH x 20 Mosey to OFP 11s Burpee/starburst  40 Merkins OYO Mosey Mary (ish) TTT x 15 AC x 10 10 x 10 psh!  Done. Announcements: Run day at TYC Friday. They have shirts … Continue reading 10 x 10

Gambit Lombardi (Respect) Hair Clog Dabo Yo-Yo Ma Urkel OJ Swanson Rachel Ray Big spur Chubby Bunny Cowbell Judge Judy (QIC) Not present: Peaches Conditions: Perfect SSH x 20, AC x 30, TTTx10, Mosey to OFP, 11s Starburst/Merkins, Mosey to AO, 10x10, TM x 15 Announcements: Less than two months before P 200. Don't let your … Continue reading