Jacob’s Ladder

Adidas, Shocker, Ray, Hacky Sack, Big Spur, Cowbell, Swanson, Cable Guy, Roker, Sister..., Boy Exotic, Chigger, Handy Manny, Ball Cock, Hostillo, Judge Judy Temp: 65 degrees, little to no humidity, cool breeze from the East and West. SSH x 10 2M AC x 10 4M AC x 10 6M TTT x 10 8 M Windmill … Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder

10 x 10

Cowbell Big Spur Shocker Kiffin Buckeye Gambit Squealer Stones psh! Peaches Ray Sawed Off Cockaboose Adidas Judy (QIC) Conditions: no breeze. miserable humidity. weeds. SSH x 20 Mosey to OFP 11s Burpee/starburst  40 Merkins OYO Mosey Mary (ish) TTT x 15 AC x 10 10 x 10 psh!  Done. Announcements: Run day at TYC Friday. They have shirts … Continue reading 10 x 10

Gambit Lombardi (Respect) Hair Clog Dabo Yo-Yo Ma Urkel OJ Swanson Rachel Ray Big spur Chubby Bunny Cowbell Judge Judy (QIC) Not present: Peaches Conditions: Perfect SSH x 20, AC x 30, TTTx10, Mosey to OFP, 11s Starburst/Merkins, Mosey to AO, 10x10, TM x 15 Announcements: Less than two months before P 200. Get.to.work. Don't let your … Continue reading