LEg Day

PAX: Cowbell Boose Compost Swanson Buckeye Gambit Peaches BodieĀ  Big Spur Judy (QIC) Weather: Humidity has arrived, which means perfect workout weather. SSH x 10 2 Merkins AC fwd x 10 4 M AC rev x 10 6 M TTT x 6 8 M WM x 10 10 M SSH x 10 12 M AC … Continue reading LEg Day


Pax: Peaches, Kiffin, Porky, Cowbell, Swanson, Motorboat, Boose, Bodie, Judy (QIC) conditions: better than TYC w/u SSH x 15, TTT x 10 mosey to OFP Long 11s: burpees/starbursts mosey to AO mary: merkins IC x 15, AH x 15, PP x 15, Freddy Mercury (?) x 15 announcements: GWL first Saturday of March. See me … Continue reading 11s

The best convergence on record For F3

PreBlast: Actual text message exchange: JV: Judy, you need to plan a convergence for 4th quarter 2022. MB (promptly 2-3 seconds after receiving above text from JV): Done. All details are complete. Invite sent to all F3 Lowcountry Nantans. Christmas Adam, December 23rd. Dubois Park. 5:00 am - 7:30 am. JV: Thanks Judy, you are … Continue reading The best convergence on record For F3