Runners Recovery Monday

Date: 3/9/2020 Pax: Brokeback, Peaches, Swanson, Big Spur, Cowbell, Peanut, OJ, Boomer Sooner, Hairclog, Dabo(QIC)   Disclaimer- Not trained or paid, push yourself and the man next to you, don’t get hurt. Conditions: Great, Cool, dry, slight breeze. Warm up SSH x 25 Through the tunnel x 15 LBAC F & B x 10 each … Continue reading Runners Recovery Monday

Monday BB: Burpees and Blocks

PAX: Dabo (QIC), Swanson, Sawed off, Judge Judy, OJ, Buckeye, Urkel, YoYo Ma, Peaches, Wet Wipes. Not Present: Stones & Squid Condition: Cold, 41&Windy, real feel: 30 Disclaimer: Don’t get hurt Warm Up: SSH x 25 IC 10 Burpees OYO TTT x 15 IC 10 Burpees OYO Arm Circles fx10 bx10 IC Mosey out to … Continue reading Monday BB: Burpees and Blocks


Back to reality day - Post Thanksgiving/Post Over Eating/Post Over Indulging/Post Not Posting DATE: Monday - December 2nd 2019 PAX: Swanson, CowBell, Big Spur, Adidas, Sweeney, Stones, Peaches, Ball Cock, Sawed Off, Wet Wipes, Rachel Ray, Yo Yo Ma, Urkel, OJ(FNG) Q: Dabo WARM UP 25 SSH 15 Through the Tunnel 20 Imperial Walkers Double … Continue reading Hundreds

Bridge Street Hill Climbs

Date: 9/23/19 QIC:  Dabo PAX:  Peaches, Sweeney, Cockaboose, Gambit, Stones, Rachel Ray, Big Papi, Cowbell, Swanson, Squealer, Big Spur, Buckeye, Hair Clog, Joker, Dabo – 15 PAX Conditions:  68, low humidity. Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, you're here at your own risk.   Warm-up: SSH: 25 IC TTT: 15 IC Windmill: 20 IC Arm Circles: 10/10 … Continue reading Bridge Street Hill Climbs