11 for 11’s, and the HuRpee

Conditions: 53, clear, perfect PAX: Whip, Judge Judy, Toothless, Sister Mary Catherine(Respect), Sawed Off, Chigger, Hackey Sack, Ball Cock, Swanson, Cable Guy(Respect), QIC- Adidas Warm O Rama: Arm circles forward & back IC, Chinooks IC, Imperial Walker IC, Mountain Climbers IC, Happy Jacks IC, HB squats IC 10 Pull Ups then 5 HuRpee’s, 5 pull … Continue reading 11 for 11’s, and the HuRpee

If it’s not an AO, did it happen?

Westbury Park F3 Quarantine Park PAX: Swanson, Sawed Off, Chigger, Cable Guy, Sister Mary Catherine, QIC- Adidas Warm o rama: 20 SSH IC, 10 baby arm circles F, 10 R- IC, 10 chinnock IC, TTT IC Mosey 1/2 loop Bear crawl field, mosey back Main Thang- 21’s: HR Merkin/ Monkey Humpers: 1 HR Merkin/20 MH, … Continue reading If it’s not an AO, did it happen?

PAX Choice, Mental Battle, and a major special announcement.

◦ PAX: Ball Cock, Cable Guy(Respect), Yo- Yo Ma, Urkel, QIC- Adidas ◦ Disclaimer- Not trained or paid pro, put in the effort, don’t get hurt. ◦ Conditions: The moisture was kept on the ground, not falling from the sky. ◦ Warm up ◦ SSH, Through the tunnel, LBAC, mountain climbers to high plank, to … Continue reading PAX Choice, Mental Battle, and a major special announcement.

DORA does leg day at the bleachers.

Conditions: 44, stars visible, flag taught PAX: Big Spur, Coach K, Cowbell, Cable Guy(Respect), Chubby Bunny(Kotter), Sweeney, Dabo, Ball Cock, QIC-Adidas Disclaimer: Standard operating. Non pro, don’t get hurt, push and help the men around you. Warm o rama SSH,baby arm circles, mountain climbers,low slow squats- IC, 10 merkin OYO Mosey to bleachers Run 1 … Continue reading DORA does leg day at the bleachers.

10X10X? Pain Pad at TheBUCK

Pax: Hackey Sack, Cable Guy(respect), Mountaineer(respect), Harbaugh!, QIC- Adidas Conditions: 47, drizzle, perfect to test the mental desires to fart sack Extra Credit 2 mile run: One PAX Disclaimer: Not a pro, push your brothers, don’t get hurt Warmers: SSH-20 IC, Windmills-20 IC, Arm circles, 5 merkins- OYO Shorts mosey, grab coupons, back to pax … Continue reading 10X10X? Pain Pad at TheBUCK

OlymPAX Challenge- Winter 2020 Games

Welcome to the first OlymPAX Challenge- Fit Test- Convergence. 25 PAX representing F3 Bluffton, F3 Hilton Head, and F3 Beaufort took on a morning of testing their physical and mental abilities utilizing a fitness test designed by F3 The Fort and all got better. Weather: 66, drizzle, cloudy, windy, gloomy- Perfect QIC: Adidas CO-Q: Wet … Continue reading OlymPAX Challenge- Winter 2020 Games

Festivas, Feats of Strength

14 PAX got better and wetter: Wet Wipes, Urkel, Babby Ruth, Harbaugh!, Lombardi(Respect), Harvey Updyke, Roker, Yo-Yo Ma, Flea, Judge Judy, Sweeney, Dabo, Ball Cock, Adidas- QIC Conditions- Stupid wet, 58, perfect conditions to test the will Disclaimer- not trained, paid, or a pro. At your own risk, push the men around you. Get better! … Continue reading Festivas, Feats of Strength