I Think Something Just Broke -Peaches

Pax Present: Kiffin, Swanson, Ray, Gambit, Judge Judith, Peaches, Diapers, Wet Wipes, Ray, Whip QIC Conditions: COLD....JUST COLD. WARM UP: 5 BURPEES. Pax mosey to BB court. THE THANG Corner 1= 100 Squats Bearcrawl to Next Corner Corner 2= 200 Merkins ( 50 Ranger Merkins, 50 Carolina Dry Dock, 50 Hand Release Bearcrawl to Next … Continue reading I Think Something Just Broke -Peaches

A Good Mix

Pax Present: (8) TP, Madoff, Ray, Joker, Wet Wipes, Coach K, Judge Judy, Whip QIC Weather Conditions: 70 and not an ounce of humidity. Disclaimer: I am not trained so you're on your own... Warm Up: SSH, TTT, Arm Circles x 12 (all) Mosey to Track: 50 Freddie Merc OYO 1 lap mosey together. 1 … Continue reading A Good Mix

Just read the Moleskin. WO doesn’t matter.

Pax Present: BallCOCK, Judge Judy, Toothless (doesn't know bc has no fb), Lil Cena, QIC Whip Conditions: Hurricane Cool Warm UP: 1 Lap Mosey 5o LBC's 1 Lap Mosey 50 LBC's 1 Lap Mosey The Thang: 1  Lap Mosey 30 Freddie Mercuries 1 Lap Jailbreak 20 V-Ups 1 Lap Mosey 20 Crunchie Frog 1 Lap … Continue reading Just read the Moleskin. WO doesn’t matter.

The “Does anyone read BB” workout

Conditions: 32 degrees...like ice..as in icy hot. Pax Present: Roker, Cornhole, TP, Uncle Rico, Kiffin, Ray, Coach K, Annie, Whip (Q) Ragnar: Stones, Wet Wipes, Big Spur, Sawed Off, Peaches Disclaimer Warm UP: Arm Circles, TTT, & 10 Squats The Thang There are 25 legit excercises on Q's list of love. Circle up and each … Continue reading The “Does anyone read BB” workout