Post Irma – Bleacher Box Jumps

Workout: 9.12.17 Conditions: 72, %85 Humidity PAX: Sawed Off, Joker, Ball Cock, Doo Doo, Crop Duster-QIC Warm-Up: 20 x SSH IC 20 ea x Arm Circles IC (Forward & Reverse) 20 x TTT IC 10 x Burpees OYO PAX starts with a mosey over to the football complex and tackle one more warmup 50 x … Continue reading Post Irma – Bleacher Box Jumps

Plan B

Workout: 8.22.17 Conditions: 82, high humidity PAX: Dwight, Flowride, Scissor hands, Soul finger, Yank ‘Em,, Coach K, Mr. Clean, Ray, Paladin, Handy Man, Madoff, Valley Girl, Nancy Drew, Slick Rick, Ricky Bobby, Big Perm, Chomp, Urkel, Crop Duster-QIC Q arrived early to scope out the football field and bleachers. Unfortunately, after checking every gate Q … Continue reading Plan B