PAX: harbaugh!(QIC), Ballcock, Shocker, Elite, Jeter, Cowbell, Hackeysack, Cable Guys (respect), Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher (respect) Conditions: Warm winter morning in the north type of feel. Stars shining brightly Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, work out at own risk, push the man next to you Warmup: IW x 30 IC Hillbillies x 30 IC Arm … Continue reading NO BLOCK LEFT BEHIND

Cut off his internet

13 PAX: Cowbell, Peanut, Chigger, Cable Guy (Respect), Swanson, Hackey Sack, SMCG (Respect), McFlurry, Ballcock, Shocker, Jack Sparrow, Monroe (FNG), Lombardi (Respect) QIC Conditions: 40’s pleasant Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional, modify as needed Warm-up:Finkle Swings: 10x ea IC Single Leg swings F/BHairy Rockettes: 20x IC Right foot to left hand, left foot … Continue reading Cut off his internet

Before you Gobble, you must Squat

13 PAX: Swanson, Peaches, Handy Manny, Big Spur, Buckeye, McFlurry, Lombardi(Respect), Peanut, Judge Judy, Gambit, Cable Guy(Respect), Kiffin, Adidas(QIC) Conditions: 58, clear, almost perfect.  Warm o rama: 20 SSH IC, 10 TTT IC Mosey to Pritchard & Bridge St, 10 Willy Walkers IC Bear crawl bridge, mosey to Bridge & Calhoun St. 10 HR Merkins … Continue reading Before you Gobble, you must Squat

Food Drive WOD Q/ #22KILL

All PAX must bring food donation or pay penalty during workout! YHC did not inflict penalties.  PAX: SMKG(respect), Jeter, Sawed Off, Hackey Sack, Striper(downrange- F3 Alpha), Adidas(QIC) Warm O Rama:  22 SSH IC Arm circles 12 forward, 12 reverse IC Max Pull Ups Mosey short lap and return to canned goods/food donations.  Partner up. Each … Continue reading Food Drive WOD Q/ #22KILL

Will Call it a Ladder!!

PAX: Jeter, Fleek, Shocker, Jack Sparrow, Swanson, Cable Guy (respect),Handy Manny, Sister Mary Katherine Gallagher(respect), Hacky Sack,OJ, Cowbell. FNG Michael, harbaugh!(Q) Conditions: Humid and Dark with no breeze. Disclaimer: Not a trained professional workout at your own risk. Modify if needed push the man next to you, make every rep count. Warm O Rama: TTT … Continue reading Will Call it a Ladder!!


PAX: Handy Manny, Ballcock, Sister Mary Catherine Gallagher(Respect), Hackey Sack, Cable Guy(Respect), Swanson, Chigger, Jeter, Cowbell, Shocker, Adidas-QIC Conditions: It would be dryer in a pool.  Disclaimer: Not a trained Pro, your here to accelerate yourself and the men next to you. Just don’t get hurt!  Warm O Rama: 10 SSH IC, LBAC & Chinnoks … Continue reading AIR RAIDS, SQUATTY POTTY’S, and SKID MARKS…