What the DAB!?

Date: 9/1/2020 13 brave souls left the comfort of their home this AM not knowing what was in store for them. There always seems to be a reaction when "The Dab" is mentioned in the AM so what better way to celebrate a 5 year F3 anniversary than with.... The Dab! QIC: Handy Manny PAX: … Continue reading What the DAB!?

Over the Hill

I took today’s Q slot because it felt appropriate to lead a group of men in some exercises on my birthday and this particular year is a significant one. It’s all downhill from here #40isthenew30. Date: 10/09/2018 PAX: Madoff, Coach K, TP, Urkel, Yo-Yo Ma, Ball Cock, Joker, Floride, Big Spur, Judge Judy, Uncle Rico, … Continue reading Over the Hill